3lau – ‘Bang’

Born Justin Blau, 3LAU is taking the electronic music scene by storm and is now giving you an amazing opportunity to make the official music video for his new release Bang.

“The video should be a complete twist on the intended meaning of the track to keep it interesting, unlike your standard club / party scene video, which has been done 5 million times before.”

Payment: $10,500
Submissions close: 26 Aug, 2014
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Alter Bridge ‘Cry of Achilles’ Results

We heard that the boys from Alter Bridge each had their own favourite submissions in our Cry of Achilles project, but a decision has been reached.

Congratulations to Simon Ralph and Lee Parker of SiLee Films! These guys receive $7,000 for their winning animation, which has been selected as the official music video for ‘Cry of Achilles‘. This is the second video from the UK’s SiLee Films, who joined Genero earlier this year, contributing another beautiful animation to our project with Hannah Ild.

There was some serious competition for this project, and so we also want to give a very special congratulations to Micah Buzan for his incredible hand drawn animation for the track, which was selected as Staff Pick and Finalist.

A big thanks to everyone who took part in both of our Alter Bridge projects, and of course congratulations to our wider Finalist group: (United States) Staff Pick  - Alex and Ol (Belgium)  - I’M PLAYTOY (Italy) mm (Italy) (France) Moon (Spain) (United States) (Mexico)

You can watch all the submissions here, or catch up on the results from our other Alter Bridge project here.

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Exploring the USA

There are over 15,000 Genero members based in the USA, so we’d like to wish all our American filmmakers a Happy Independence Day!

Things would be pretty different if England were still in control, and we have America to thank for inventions such as the cheeseburger, Bruce Springsteen and Shark Week, so we thought we better celebrate the 4th July by sharing some of our favourite stories from across the country.

We were captivated by the submissons for our Storytellers project, so to celebrate our friends in the United States, we’ve put together a playlist of videos set across the country. From California to Florida and even the not-so-official State of Jefferson, these videos capture some unique people, places and stories across the home of the brave and the land of the free.

So sit back, relax, and explore the USA:




Sebastien Tellier – ‘Comment revoir Oursinet’

The brilliant Sebastien Tellier wants to collaborate with you on his incredibly ambitious and impressive synth-pop track, “Comment revoir Oursinet”.

With an enchanting track and complete creative freedom, this is a unique opportunity for filmmakers to step up and produce a compelling short film for the enigmatic French artist.

Payment: $3,000
Submissions close: 1 Sep, 2014
All the info:

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John Martin – “Anywhere For You”

We had such an incredible response to our project with Axwell and Sick Individuals, so we’re thrilled to bring you another opportunity from the Swedish House Mafia family!

Swedish artist John Martin wants you to create a brand new official music video for his killer dance track, “Anywhere For You“. It’s an amazing chance to collaborate with a brilliant performer on his debut single, and just quietly, we’re pretty excited to see what you can come up with for this one!

Submissions close: August 5, 2014
Payment: $4,200
All the info:

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Alter Bridge “Lover” Results

American heavy rockers Alter Bridge launched two exciting video projects with us, and the results from the first one are in!

We asked filmmakers to put together the official music video for their track “Lover“, and Alter Bridge have made their final decision on the video best suited to the song. A huge congratulations goes to Hungarian filmmaker Bosco Shane, who receives $4,200 for his dynamic black and white film!

A big thanks as always to everyone who took part in this project, and a special congratulations to all Finalists: alex romanov (Russia) Staff Pick BAKLAZHAN Studio (Ukraine) Staff Pick Benny Shklovsky (Israel) Mariano Meini (Italy) ManWithRock Australia Brett Gieseke (South Africa) adokhani (USA) Ilariya (Russia) Sergio Juarros (Spain) Brett Turner (UK)

You can watch all the submitted videos here, and keep an eye out for the results of the “Cry of Achilles” soon!

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Unscriptd is a website where sport and great storytelling come together, and they’re inviting you to share sports stories with the world! Create an engaging sports story that will connect deeply with people’s emotions, inspire and evoke a reaction.

Submission Deadline: August 18, 2014
Payments: $30,000
All the details