Key Details
on Jun 19, 2012
Black Rain
Release forms required:

Key Details

on Jun 19, 2012
Black Rain
Release forms required:

The Brief

Keane, Interscope Records (US) and Island Records (UK) are giving you the chance to make the official video for Black Rain off their new album Strangeland. 2012 will be a big year for Keane so this is a great opportunity to work with a big international artist and 2 of the world's biggest labels.

Awards and Judging

Winner receives $5,000 and a worldwide VEVO premiere.

Judging by Keane, Interscope Records, Island Records & Genero.


As problems go, this is among the nicer ones. Tim Rice-Oxley clicks a playlist on his iTunes folder. This is where all the contenders for the final tracklisting of Keane’s new album sit in quarantine. Over the past few months, band members have made the case for their favorites; friends have chipped in with their opinions. But, as the band gather round Tim’s computer, another click takes us to the twelve songs that comprise Keane’s fourth album Strangeland. “Everyone happy with that?” says the group’s main songwriter. It feels a little bit like the point in the marriage vows where onlookers are asked to name any lawful impediment to the imminent declaration of marriage. “Well, that was easy,” says Keane’s frontman Tom Chaplin, albeit with a blinking incredulity that suggests nothing in life is quite that straightforward.

Indeed not. Four years have elapsed since Keane’s last album Perfect Symmetry; two since Night Train, the mini-LP which followed its three full-length predecessors to the top of the British album charts, securing them a place in pop history. If Keane’s feverishly loyal fanbase wondered what the group’s next album would sound like, they weren’t the only ones. In the eight years following the release of 2004’s 9× platinum Brit award winning Hopes & Fears, every Keane album has marked a clear progression from the previous one: the anxious emotional terrain mapped out by Under The Iron Sea; the iridescent poptimism of Perfect Symmetry featuring the electro charged hit song “Spiralling”, voted Q Magazine’s 2008 Song Of The Year. But what next? It was a question that Tim had asked himself from time to time. “I felt that on Perfect Symmetry, I had allowed myself to get as excited by textures as much as the actual songwriting. In the wake of that, I spent a lot of time thinking about what it is that makes a song magic.”

No doubt, even as you read this, there is probably a room full of people in Silicon Valley studying musical algorithms in an attempt to work out the very same question. In 2009, as Keane wended their way around the world, touring Perfect Symmetry, Tim’s subconscious set about doing some of that work for him. In a car on his way from Sao Paolo airport to the hotel, the basis of a new song took shape in his head. Its title, “Sovereign Light Café,” came from the seafront eatery in Bexhill where, as teenagers, cycling from nearby Battle, he and Keane drummer Richard Hughes would “spend hours, sunbathing underneath cloudy skies, vainly trying to attract the attention of any woman who was vaguely within our age group. Alas, Bexhill doesn’t tend to attract too many of those.” Once a “Springsteeny-sounding” demo” was laid down on the tour bus, the group listened back to what they had. The song’s sentiments – perhaps something to do with trying to make sense of the present by taking a look at your past – seemed to shine a light on what would follow. “It felt very emotional,” recalls Tim. “From the heart. Less filtered somehow.”

From thereon in, the other decision that Keane quickly came to was that this album would be ready when it was ready. No time-constraints. Once one song was written, it would somehow lay down a series of clues to the next one: the redemptive declamations of “Silenced By The Night;” the spirit-swelling “Neon River.” And so on, and so on. “I think I must have had about 100 songs in various forms before we entered the studio,” says Tim. Whittling it down to a shortlist of “about 50” was a process that involved the rest of the band. “I can’t say I envied him,” says Richard, “You’d get this email with no words – just a title in the subject header and an MP3 attached to it. If your reaction was lukewarm, only then would you find out that was the one he’d spent three days writing!”

Invariably, the ones that made it through seemed to come from a place of profound reflection: the attempt to make sense of the route by which Keane had, somehow, become grown-ups. “Watch How You Go” is classic Keane – a bittersweet friendship song, freighted with an emotional heft that only extra years can bring. Tom Chaplin remembers “hearing it for the first time and wondering if it was about me. But then, that’s a quality that Tim’s best songs have. They feel personal to your situation, but then, when you take them out onto the road you realize that’s how everyone feels.” Tom remembers feeling a similar kinship with the sentiments of In Your Own Time. “Straight away,” he smiles, “On a personal level, I was itching to sing it.”

Here and on so much of Strangeland, we find ourselves in the company of adults attempting to make sense of their present situation. Life gets better, the human attachments you make grow deeper and, along the way, ambitions are realized. Lest we forget, ten years ago, Keane without a record deal, living and rehearsing in a shared space in Tottenham. At one point Tim even tried to raise extra cash by taking part in a medical drug trial. So why does unalloyed euphoria feel so much more attainable in the idealistic throes of youth, when there’s so little to lose? Out of that paradox grew not just “Sovereign Light Café” and “The Starting Line.” “Forget the ghosts that make you old before your time,” exhorts Tom Chaplin on the latter, with a vocal that all but lacerates the heart-strings. Albeit in a very different way, “On The Road” is borne of similar sentiments, a reminder that to succumb to a fear of the unknown is to deny the very things that make life worth living. You only need to hear the way the first verse cannons into a dizzyingly euphoric chorus to realize that Keane have delivered one of the festival anthems of the summer.

Perhaps that’s no coincidence. When Keane aren’t playing festivals, they often attend them as punters. “You Are Young” appeared in Tim’s head at Glastonbury, simultaneously losing and finding himself among a huge crowd of music lovers, realizing that “you’re never too old to feel those moments of epiphany.” If you’ve seen Keane live, you’ll know that they are old hands at dispensing a few of those moments themselves. It’s almost as though Tim – by his own admission, a man with a tendency to “overanalyse things” – creates these songs as ring-fenced spaces where he can, if only for four minutes, forget himself. Perhaps that's why Keane's appeal had long since transcended tribal boundaries. Emotional responses, by their very nature, tend not to observe genre lines.

If that’s the effect they have on Keane’s principal songwriter, there’s a fair bet that it’s also the effect they’ll continue to have throughout the world, as far afield as United Stated and South America - where the group routinely pack arenas and fans routinely take to camping outside the hotel days ahead of the band's arrival. In Russia the group found their train besieged by hundreds of fans after letting slip the details of their journey to St. Petersburg. When Tom Chaplin talks about “that fantastic unidentifiable thing that distinguishes a good song from a great one,” your thoughts immediately turn to indisputable Keane classics like “Somewhere Only We Know,” ”Everybody’s Changing,” “Is It Any Wonder?,” “The Night Sky” and “Spiralling.” To that list, we can surely add a few more. The febrile small-hours electronica of “Black Rain” (written after Tim saw Ari Folman’s harrowing animated war film Waltz With Bashir) and the spare, spectral intimacy of ‘Sea Fog’, named after Tim’s studio, are reminders that Keane have never been afraid to cast their net wide for sonic and lyrical inspiration.

For all of that there are certain songs which, at a stroke, are unmistakably, quintessentially Keane. Songs like “Disconnected” and “Day Will Come.” “Some days set your world on fire/Some days they sink like stones,” sings Tom on the latter, before lurching into a driving chorus that could rouse a corpse into life. A real once-heard, never-forgotten moment. Boasting a hook so huge you could raise the Titanic with it, ‘Disconnected’ is another example of Keane’s ability to alchemize complicated emotions into songs of deceptive simplicity.

For new member Jesse Quin (bass), the latter song holds special memories. “I’d been playing live with them for a few years,” recalls Jesse (who also collaborated with Tim on 2010’s Mt Desolation project). “They asked me to meet them in a pub near Tim’s place in Bermondsey. I had a feeling they were going to ask me to join, so I didn’t have to think too hard about what I was going to say. I hadn’t been in the band for long before 'Disconnected' appeared. We put it into our live set and, as with “Sovereign Light Café,” it seemed to inform everything else that followed.”

Suggest to Jesse that it must have been daunting to join the ranks of a three-piece comprised of lifelong friends and he shrugs in a manner that suggests it hasn’t been playing on his mind. “You really don’t notice it,” he says, “Once in a while; something will happen that’s unique to their friendship. If someone’s behaving oddly, you point it out and they say, ‘Oh, that? That’s because he fell off a horse when he was eight.’ But no, it doesn’t feel like a club I’ll never be part of.”

For Richard, the difference made by Jesse’s arrival has been huge. “I love having Jesse in the band. It feels like we’re a proper rhythm section.” Tom extends the same welcoming sentiment to the album’s producer Dan Grech. “The sense of rejuvenation on these songs suggested to us that it would be good to hook up with someone who was young and full of ideas. And with Dan, we got exactly that. He’d just come from working with The Vaccines and Lana Del Rey, and he was clearly on a roll.” Richard picks up the thread, “The fact is that so many things came together for this album. As well as having Dan and Jesse on board, Tim had finished building his studio. And that makes such a huge difference. Suddenly, you’re not watching the clock the whole time. It’s far more conducive to creativity.”

And with that release of pressure, Strangeland saw the notion of fun resurface in the shared world of Keane in a way that it hadn’t quite done since the sessions for ‘Hopes & Fears’. Richard casts an eye behind him at the rolling Sussex scenery that encircles the studio Keane have called home for the last few months. “In many respects, it feels like the completion of a circle. On the album you have songs that draw upon the experiences we used to share as kids, growing up in Battle. You can never really go back, of course. We’re married. Some of us have kids. Once in a while though, after a good day, we’ll go to the local pub and talk about everything and nothing until it’s time to go home. Whatever it is that makes us Keane – that invisible glue – is still there. And you can hear it all over Strangeland.”

Keane release their fourth album 'Strangeland' on May 8th in the U.S on Cherrytree/Interscope Records.


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    3. The Client warrants that to the extent that the underlying materials in the Assets comprise musical works, or another work controlled by a third party, that it has full right, licence, and authority from the owners of such works (e.g. publisher) to grant the rights herein in relation to the parts of Assets not wholly owned by the Client. For the avoidance of doubt, neither Genero nor Filmmaker are responsible for clearing or licensing any use of the Assets for the purpose of making a Brief or Submission available.

    4. All rights in and to the Assets are reserved by the Client. You hereby acknowledge and agree that there is no transfer, licence or other grant of rights to you in respect of any Assets other than as specifically provided for in these Terms or any Additional Terms.

    5. Other than as part of your Submission for the relevant Brief, you must immediately cease all use of Assets and return or destroy all copies of Assets by the Closing Time and Date on the relevant Brief. If you are selling your Video to a Client in accordance with these Terms, you are solely responsible for removing any and all Assets from the Video before it is sold, re-edited and transferred to a Client or otherwise used in any way.

  12. Content, Submissions & Videos

    1. You must not add, upload or deal with (including transfer, make available or sell) any Content,  Submissions or Videos via Genero’s Services which:

      1. you do not hold all necessary rights, licences and consents to do so;

      2. would cause you or Genero to breach any law, regulation, rule, code or other legal obligation;

      3. would be in breach of these Terms or any Additional Terms;

      4. infringes the intellectual property or other rights of any third party;

      5. brings or could bring Genero or any Client into disrepute;

      6. is or could reasonably be considered to be deceptive, misleading, false, fraudulent, obscene, defamatory, disparaging, indecent, seditious, offensive, scandalous, sexually explicit, threatening, abusive, harassing, hateful, degrading, intimidating, graphically violent, liable to incite racial hatred, discriminatory, blasphemous, factually inaccurate (to the extent that it purports to represent facts) or otherwise inappropriate;

      7. unlawfully impersonates any person (including by way of celebrity look-a-likes or sound-a-likes), or states or misrepresents any affiliation with any person where such affiliation does not exist;

      8. depicts, encourages, promotes or induces conduct that could violate any law or give rise to criminal or civil liability;

      9. advertises or promotes alcohol, tobacco, firearms, gambling or feminine hygiene products (unless Genero’s Services instruct you to);

      10. endorses any religious or political cause or candidate (unless Genero’s Services instruct you to);

      11. contains any personally identifying or other personal information about you or any other person;

      12. is in breach of confidence or in breach of privacy, or contains any confidential information, material, or non-public information about any individual, person, or company;

      13. contains gang signs or symbols;

      14. contains any stock or public domain footage, without the prior written consent of Genero; or

      15. contains any information or instruction that might be injurious to any person’s physical well being.

    2. User shall have sole and complete responsibility for any Content, Submission or Video that it submits to the Website including any and all liability that may result from such.

    3. Genero may remove any Content, Submission or Video, in whole or in part, if Genero suspects that such infringes or may infringe any person’s intellectual property rights or any other rights, including personal rights. In addition Genero reserves the right to remove any Content, Submission or Video upon receiving notice that such is or may be infringing the notifying person’s intellectual property and/or personal rights.

    4. Genero reserves editorial control over Genero’s Services and may (but is not obligated to) monitor, moderate, alter or amend any part of Genero’s Services at any time in its sole discretion without prior notice or liability to you. Notwithstanding Genero’s editorial control, Genero contains content originally published by parties other than Genero. You acknowledge that Genero is not liable for any loss or damage, howsoever caused, resulting from any action taken or reliance made by you on any information or material on Genero’s Services which was, in whole or part, originally created or published by a third party.

    5. Nothing in these Terms obliges Genero to:

      1. publish or communicate Content, Submissions or Videos, including for any particular amount of time;

      2. remove Content, Submissions or Videos at any time; or

      3. use Content, Submissions or Videos in any commercial or official capacity.

    6. Genero may or may not publish Content, Submissions or Videos at its absolute discretion, for reasons including:

      1. insufficient technical, creative or production quality; and/or

      2. because you have breached or not met your obligations under these Terms, the Additional Terms, or any other terms, policies or guidelines as published on the Website, or otherwise made available, from time to time.

    7. You acknowledge, warrant and represent that:

      1. Content, Submissions or Videos uploaded or created by other Users may be competitive with, and/or similar or identical in part or whole to your Content, Submissions or Videos. You acknowledge and agree that you will not be entitled to any payment, fee, or other consideration as a result of any use of any such similar or identical material, and hereby release Genero and the Client from any and all claims relating thereto;

      2. you are the creator and exclusive copyright owner of any Content, Submissions or Videos and entitled to submit them on your own behalf and on behalf of each other owner of the Content, Submissions or Videos;

      3. you are solely responsible for the Content, Submissions or Videos that you submit and the consequences of posting or publishing such on the Website including any copyright infringement;

      4. as at the date of Submission, you have completed via Genero’s Services any and all fully executed Release Forms (as provided by Genero or Client and without alteration, save as to including requested details), and retained licences, rights and consents necessary (each of which are world-wide, royalty free, irrevocable, perpetual, and transferable/assignable/licensable, in all media now known or hereafter devised) in order to grant the rights provided herein, including releases relating to performances, compositions and sound recordings, locations, models, and intellectual property, with the Filmmaker bearing sole responsibility for the adequacy, authenticity and accuracy of the information and identification requested by Genero or Client (as per each Release Form). For the avoidance of doubt, unless provided as an Asset via the Genero Services, you must have legally licenced any third party material (including songs) for use in your Submission, which must be cleared for commercial use without any fees, limitations or restrictions whatsoever;

      5. you shall immediately provide, upon reasonable request by Genero or the Client, copies of any and all Release Forms, authorities, permissions, transfers, assignments, waivers, licences, proof of ownership, or other documents required under these Terms;

      6. you are entitled to grant Genero each of the rights relating to the licence, use and treatment of your Submission, and Genero’s use of those rights will not violate the rights of any person (including copyrights, trademark and trade dress rights, database rights, trade secrets, moral rights, intellectual property rights, publicity rights, industrial rights, and any other proprietary rights arising under the laws of any jurisdiction), and if requested you shall provide to Genero a written confirmation of such rights;

      7. you are entitled to be the sole recipient of any Payment due hereunder or of any other payment flowing from Genero’s Services, and neither Genero nor the Client shall have additional liability to Filmmaker or any person relating to the Payment or other award, if any, after remittance of same to Filmmaker;

      8. your Submission and the contribution of any third party (including any Contributor) or third party materials is not subject to the requirements or obligations of any union, guild, collecting society, or similar association (“Union”) or if it is subject to any Union you warrant and agree to fully comply with such Union’s rules and policies and you indemnify and hold Genero and Client harmless for any Union related claims whatsoever and howsoever caused;

      9. your Content, Submission or Video may be subject to criticism and/or review by the public and as such may receive positive or negative comments and reactions, and Genero is not responsible for any such review or comment or any consequences relating thereto;

      10. Filmmaker shall, if reasonably required by Genero or the Client, participate in press photography/filming, media interviews, as well as general promotional and publicity activity of Genero and/or Client;

      11. you shall immediately provide, upon reasonable request by Genero or the Client, your government photo identification and proof of age;

      12. Genero is not responsible for lost, damaged, misdirected, unusable or unreadable Content, Submissions or Videos, or technical issues with the Website;

      13. you shall not collect views, comments, votes or any other activity using automated tools or disposable email addresses, or any similar method; and

      14. Filmmaker is responsible for any and all Applicable Taxes, third party costs, charges and expenses in relation to the Filmmaker’s participation in Genero’s Services (including receipt of any payment) and obligations under these Terms.

  13. Briefs

    A variety of Brief structures are available for Clients to work with Filmmakers via Genero, including: i) asking Filmmakers to first submit a treatment/idea, before going into production, ii) going straight to production and by-passing a treatments/ideas phase to then select the Video that best matches the Brief, iii) commissioning an individual Filmmaker for new and/or further/derivative works, or iv) searching Genero’s Video Store to find and purchase an existing Video, edited or unedited by the original Filmmaker. The following terms govern the various structures available to Clients and Filmmakers.

    1. Genero may, in its absolute discretion for any reason whatsoever, edit, postpone, or cancel a Brief without any liability to you; including not making a Client Selection and not publishing Submissions.

    2. The Closing Time and Date for each Brief (if relevant) shall be listed on the relevant page on the Website. Genero reserves the right to alter any Closing Time and Date in its absolute discretion. All dates/times are Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) unless stated otherwise. It is your responsibility to convert the time and date to your local time zone. Your Submission will not be accepted if it is not submitted by the Closing Time and Date. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Genero reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to accept or refuse to accept late Submissions.

    3. Following the Client Selection, Genero requires that the Filmmaker and Client agree to all details pertaining to production of the Video of a Client Selection using the tools and messaging function within Genero’s Services (including key dates, timing, location, talent, insurance, video specifications, usage, confidentiality, milestones, exclusivity, budget, payments, and all other deliverables) before proceeding. For the avoidance of doubt, Genero is not and will not be a party to such agreement.

    4. The Client may offer to purchase a Video or commission a Filmmaker for new or further/derivative works by issuing a Brief directly to a Filmmaker through the Website, and the Filmmaker shall have the option to accept (hence becoming a Client Selection) or decline the Client’s Brief. In the alternative, the Filmmaker may issue specific terms under which the Video may be purchased or Filmmaker commissioned.

    5. All matters that are agreed upon via written communication between the Filmmaker and Client will be binding.

    6. Both the Filmmaker and Client agree to work together in good faith to complete the Video of a Client Selection, however Genero is not responsible for and disclaims any responsibility for the Filmmaker’s delivery or non-delivery of the Video in accordance with the Client Selection, including on-time delivery. For clarity, it is the Client’s full responsibility to satisfy itself of the Filmmaker’s ability to deliver across all aspects of the Brief.

    7. Whilst Genero will endeavour to help only where it can and in its sole discretion, Genero does not and will not mitigate or arbitrate in the case of any dispute between any Filmmaker and Client.

    8. Genero and/or Client will attempt to make contact with Filmmakers of a Client Selection via email using the details provided in the Filmmaker’s Account. The Filmmaker must respond to Genero’s or Client’s contact attempts within a reasonable amount of time in accordance with the Client’s requirements, usually within 24 hours of notification. Genero or Client accepts no responsibility for being unable to reach the Filmmaker if these attempts are unsuccessful, and reserves the right to withdraw or disqualify such Submission. Filmmakers are strongly encouraged to supply multiple contact details/methods to ensure Genero or Client is able to make immediate contact.

    9. In the event that a Filmmaker’s Video is published on Genero and not a Client Selection, such Submission will automatically be made available in Genero’s Video Store after the Client Selection has been announced. For clarity, Filmmaker can set their own price or make their Video unavailable for sale from the Video Store.

    10. User acknowledges, warrants and represents that it will not initiate, complete, or attempt to complete any commercial transaction or completion of the Brief or subsequent Briefs (including further and/or derivative works related to any Brief or any Genero Client), outside of Genero and Genero’s processes with any User, or otherwise attempt to circumvent Genero’s Services and/or Genero’s Fees; and

    11. Client acknowledges that their Brief is exclusive to Genero and all Submissions Client will receive for such Brief will be via Genero’s Services. If the Brief appears on or is communicated via any websites, platforms or 3rd parties, it will be limited to promotion of such Brief only, and must link only to Genero as the exclusive point where Filmmakers can respond with their Submission.

    12. The Filmmaker hereby acknowledges, warrants and represents that:

      1. if your Submission is a Client Selection, you will complete and deliver the Video in accordance with the Submission, Brief and Client’s requirements to the highest standards (as demonstrated in your previous work), specifications and to the Client’s reasonable satisfaction;

      2. if your Submission is a Client Selection, you will provide up to a maximum of 3 rounds of changes for offline edits and up to a maximum of 3 rounds of changes for online edits, or in the case of a Video Store sale, up to a maximum of 10 hours of editing time towards the re-edit of a Video to facilitate such sale;

      3. you will supply a high resolution file of your Video on physical media via mail, or uploaded electronically (at Genero’s or Client’s discretion) within three (3) days of being notified that your Submission is a Client Selection, in accordance with Genero’s broadcast specification guidelines as well as the Client’s individual requirements within the Brief. Failure to do so may result in your Submission being ineligible for Client Selection and no Payment being made;

      4. the Filmmaker, Performers and Contributors (including director, producer and team members) named in the Submission or any communication that forms part of your response, are the persons that shall be used in the Video of a Client Selection, unless otherwise agreed with Client; and

      5. you hold all necessary and current insurance policies to fully cover your participation in any Brief via Genero’s Services or you accept all liability if you do not hold insurance, and waive any right to claim against Genero or Client.

    13. The Client hereby acknowledges, warrants and represents that:

      1. it has the ability and funds to fulfil the Payment in full, Genero’s Fee and Applicable Taxes to Genero when creating a Brief;

      2. it will not use any Submission for any other purpose other than making a Client Selection;

      3. it will have no right, title, licence or interest in any Submission other than a Client Selection (including no right, title, licence or interest in further/derivative works unless they are the subject of a new Brief on Genero)and only where Genero’s Fee, Payment and Applicable Taxes have first been received by Genero in full;

      4. it is responsible for requesting and obtaining properly completed Release Forms from the Filmmaker or from the Filmmaker via Genero and to satisfy itself with their contents (including completeness, accuracy and adequacy);

      5. it will not decide or announce a Client Selection until the Closing Time and Date published on the Brief has passed;

      6. reference checks and due diligence pertaining to the Filmmaker have been undertaken by the Client to the Client's complete satisfaction prior to Client Selection and prior to any request or authorisation to release any Payment (including Progress Payments) to a Filmmaker, with Client bearing full responsibility for working with the Filmmaker;

      7. the Brief describes the Client’s requirements as accurately as possible and in enough detail so the Filmmaker can determine if the Payment will be sufficient;

      8. the Brief will not be substantially modified after it is launched, unless the Filmmaker agrees in writing to such modifications;

      9. all Submissions and other communication and responses, including emails in relation to a Brief are confidential, and may only be shared within the Client’s team; and

      10. the standard music licence and rights clearance each Filmmaker is requested to obtain for a Client Selection Video is online, global and in perpetuity, however Client is solely responsible for checking and satisfying itself of music licenses and rights (including procuring additional music licenses and rights if required), and ensuring they meet Client’s usage requirements, including TV/broadcast usage if required.

    14. Genero and the Client have the right to:

      1. select any Filmmaker and their Submission as a Client Selection;

      2. withdraw a Client Selection and/or remove a Submission if the Filmmaker has not complied with these Terms; and

      3. supplement a Client Selection with any other Submission if the initial Submission is no longer deemed eligible for Client Selection.

  14. Payments, Genero’s Fee and Applicable Taxes

    1. A Payment will be made to the Filmmaker of a Client Selection upon final delivery of the Video as per the Brief.

    2. In Genero or Client’s absolute discretion, a series of Progress Payments may be made in accordance with the advised delivery schedule.

    3. The Client and the Filmmaker acknowledge, confirm and agree that:

      1. The Client shall pay the Payment, Genero Fee and Applicable Taxes to Genero via the payment terms and method designated by Genero;

      2. Genero shall always be entitled to deduct and retain the Genero Fee and Applicable Taxes from any amount received by or owed to Genero for Genero’s Services, and the Genero Fee shall not be refundable or returnable for any reason whatsoever regardless of any other Clause in these Terms;

      3. Where Filmmakers respond to the Brief by submitting Videos (ie. a straight to production structure) instead of treatments or ideas first, Payments will be made to Filmmakers in accordance with the amounts and structure outlined in the Brief. If Genero determines in its sole discretion that there were insufficient Videos meeting the Brief, Client is responsible only for Genero’s Fee, Applicable Taxes, plus Filmmaker Payments for any Client Selections; and

      4. Without limiting the clause immediately above, for all other structures, in the event that the Filmmaker fails to deliver the Video of a Client Selection to the Client’s satisfaction and the Filmmaker fails to cure, then the Filmmaker will receive no Payment (excluding any Progress Payments already approved by Client).

    4. Unless stated otherwise, Genero will transfer Payments to your nominated Payoneer account or via an alternate method, at its complete discretion.

    5. Payments which are not wholly comprised of cash (“Non-cash Payments”) offered under a Brief are not transferable, exchangeable or redeemable for cash. Non-cash Payments are as expressly described on the relevant Brief and anything not expressly described is excluded and does not form part of the Payment.

    6. Genero may deduct or charge you applicable currency exchange, bank, handling, transfer and postage fees to deliver Payments to you.

    7. You acknowledge, confirm and agree that Genero may, in its sole and absolute discretion, increase, decrease, modify, alter, introduce or remove any fee charged by Genero, either permanently or temporarily.

  15. Disclaimer Of Warranty And Limitation Of Liability

    1. Warranty disclaimer. The Genero services are provided "as is", without any warranty of any kind. Genero expressly disclaims all implied warranties to the maximum extent allowed by law, whether express, implied, or statutory regarding or relating to the product, documentation, or any materials furnished or provided to you under these terms. To the maximum extent allowed by law, Genero specifically disclaims all implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and noninfringement with respect to the foregoing.

    2. Limitation of liability; sole and exclusive remedy. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Genero, affiliates, parent companies, subsidiaries, officers, directors, employees, agents, network service providers, business partners, licensees and licensors (collectively, the "Related Parties") disclaim all liability, whether based in contract, tort (including negligence), strict liability or otherwise, and further disclaims all losses, including without limitation direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or special damages arising out of or in any way connected with access to or use of the site, the software and/or service, even if Genero and/or Related Parties have been advised of the possibility of such damages. Without limiting the foregoing, in no case shall the liability of Genero or any of the Related Parties exceed the greater of $50 or the Genero Fee from the Brief which liability arose from..

    3. Because some states or jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or the limitation of liability for consequential or incidental damages, in such states or jurisdictions, the liability of Genero and its affiliates shall be limited to the fullest extent permitted by law.

  16. Indemnification

    1. You agree to indemnify, hold harmless and defend Genero (and if you are a Filmmaker, indemnify, hold harmless and defend Genero and Client) and the Related Parties at your expense, against any and all claims, actions, proceedings and suits and all related liabilities, damages, settlements, penalties, fines, costs and expenses (including, without limitation, reasonable solicitors' fees and other dispute resolution expenses) incurred by Genero arising out of or relating to:

      1. your violation or breach of any term of these Terms or any policy or guidelines referenced herein;

      2. your use or misuse of or participation in Genero’s Services;

      3. any purchase related to any of Genero’s Services;

      4. the submission of any and all Content, Submissions and Videos, including any Content, Submissions and Videos which are incorrect or in any way misleading; and

      5. any aspect of Genero’s Services that does not function as intended for any reason beyond the reasonable control of Genero and particularly in connection with: service interruptions caused by an internet service provider; an internet connection; any fault or deficiency in computer hardware or software; any fault or deficiency in audio/visual hardware; any fault or deficiency in website code.

    2. Genero expressly disclaims any responsibility for the Content, Submissions and Videos displayed on the Website or made available as part of any of Genero’s Services, and by using the Website or any of Genero’s Services, Users agree that Genero and/or the Related Parties shall have no responsibility for any Content, Submissions or Videos that infringes the copyright or other intellectual property rights of any third party or is deemed to be offensive, discriminatory or misleading to Users in any way whatsoever.

    3. You hereby irrevocably waive any right to seek or obtain an injunction, rescission or termination of these Terms, or any rights hereunder.

    4. Should Genero in its sole discretion, determine that User has breached these Terms, then nothing herein shall prevent or in any way restrict its right to pursue any of its legal and/or other remedies, including, without limitation, court action.

  17. Change to Services

    1. Genero reserve the right to discontinue or remove any part, Content, Submission, Video, or functionality of Genero’s Services at any time and without notice.

    2. Genero reserves the right to alter, modify, add to or change in any way, any provision of these Terms and may, in its absolute discretion, limit or expand Genero’s Services without giving prior notice to User.

  18. Copyright Infringement - Take Down Procedures

    1. If you believe that any materials on Genero’s Services infringe your copyright, you may request that such materials be removed. This request must bear a signature (or electronic equivalent) of the copyright holder or an authorised representative, and must: (a) identify the allegedly infringing materials; (b) indicate where on the Website the infringing materials are located; (c) provide your name and contact information; (d) state that you have a good faith belief that the materials are infringing; (e) state that the information in your claim is accurate; and (f) indicate that "under penalty of perjury" you are the lawful copyright owner or are authorised to act on the owner's behalf. If you believe that someone has wrongly filed a notice of copyright infringement against you, you may send to Genero a counter-notice in accordance with Genero’s requirements. Our contact for copyright issues relating to this Website (including the notices and counter-notices) is Please note that there are penalties for false claims under The United States Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998.

  19. Assignment

    1. Genero may transfer, assign, novate or otherwise deal with any of its rights under these Terms to another party without notice to you.

    2. You are not permitted to assign any part of these Terms without Genero’s prior written consent.

  20. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

    1. These Terms and use of the Website and Genero’s Services are governed by the laws of Victoria, Australia.

    2. By accessing or using the Website or Genero’s Services, the User submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Victorian Courts in Australia for any dispute that relates to the Website, Genero’s Services, or these Terms.

    3. Users are solely responsible for compliance with any applicable laws of the country from which they access the Website or Genero’s Services.

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The film was shot over 1 day and was only made possible by the love, time and devotion of all the cast and crew. A big thank you to everyone that was involved and gave their time for free to be apart of this wonderful project.


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