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Yoplait Seasons

At Yoplait, our brand purpose is to find the "so good" in everything around us. And we want you to help by creating films that show what is "so good" about each of the four seasons.

Yoplait is one of the world's favorite yogurt brands and is adored by women who have very optimistic views on life.

Our tone is uplifting, inviting and fun. And our visual aesthetic is approachably fashionable and vibrant - just like our 40 delicious flavors including Strawberry Orange Sunrise, Lemon Burst and Key Lime Pie.

The Brief: What makes fall so good?

The first challenge is to create a film showing "What makes fall so good?", with the other three seasons to follow. Feel free to get started shooting your films for any of the seasons when you feel the urge and you can upload them once that season competition opens.

Yoplait is a delicious yogurt, so delicious looking film is a plus. We're not looking for product videos or videos of people eating yogurt, so interpret the theme creatively and be original. You can also re-edit existing videos that you think fit the theme.

Your video needs to be between 30 seconds and 3 minutes long and must start with the seasonal card and end with the Yoplait logo lockup (see Assets below).

Please note that no audio is being provided. Any music you use should be your own original music, or you must have the license to use the audio commericially (like public domain music, for example). creativecommons.org has some helpful information about commericial licensing music for video. You must include a link to the source of any licensed music when you upload your video.

Fall entries must be received before October 8, at 23:59 GMT.

Judging and Awards

Films will be judged by Saatchi & Saatchi and Genero based on their creativity, originality and quality.

The maker of the winning video for Fall and each of the other seasons will get $8,000! Two runners-up for each season will also get $1,000 each.


Your video must start with the fall seasonal card as provided that reads: Fall is so good.

Your video must end with the card featuring the Yoplait Logo and tagline lock-up as provided that reads: Yoplait. It is so good!®

You can also use the pantone colour reference which shows the colors used by the brand. This is provided as a reference only in case it helps you decide on the color palette of your video.

Visit the Assets tab to download the assets