By Genero Australia


This is a showreel showing some of the best entries we received for the Moby 'Wait For Me' competition. From over 400 entries it was such a tough job to choose 6 finalists (let alone one winner) so we wanted to create this as a tribute to some of the amazing entries and the talented film makers behind them. We'll be creating a few more showreels featuring some of the other fantastic entries as well so stay tuned!


The wonderful cast of film makers featured are:
Maria Bowskill - United Kingdom
Cyrus Mirza'Shafa - United Kingdom
Giorgio Constantine - Greece
Nimrod Shapira - Israel
Filipa Falcao - Portugal
Federico Meneghini - Italy
Navin Ramaswaran - Canada
Alexander Webb - United Kingdom
Mark Sansone - United States
Rob Birchall - United Kingdom
Maik Hempell - Australia
Maria Galliani Dyrvik - Norway
Petr Tomaides - Czech Republic
Nicolaos Zafiriou - Belgium


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Gary Vine 3 years ago

Great !!

cane 3 years ago

Wow nice video......!

blueblack 3 years ago

Love it! So many talented people out there.

Blinky 3 years ago

That's awesome. So many talented people and that's a great way to recognise them!

Kathy Price-Robinson 3 years ago

Well done! More please.