The Break - Winkipop by Sirlonie |

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A lonely man wipes tears off his cheeks while drowning in thoughts of nostalgia.


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Risonhighmer 4 years ago

That was wonderful. I wasn't sure about the drastic changes in animation style, however. I appreciated that the man was incredibly more detailed, but then the bum faced bear things came on, and carried him away, with one of the star creatures coming with them. The star creature seemed almost too simple in contrast with the fantastically rendered bear things, or the man's face. It made me a little uncomfortable to be honest. Other than that though, great job! I like the little story that ensued.

To Much To Say 4 years ago

Very odd and a bit dirty, I think. Enjoyed it. Made me giggle.

siddhartha 4 years ago

Wow, visually amazing... possibly a little Too complex in parts (kinda lost me in the dark blue "belly of the beast" scene) but fantastic animation overall. You got my vote. :)

Sirlonie 4 years ago

Hehe, I'm sorry that you got lost in my belly of the beast scene. Thanks a lot !

Mec 4 years ago

Great, cute, wonderful plush, I could cry

Sirlonie 4 years ago

Thanks dude.

Skonce 4 years ago

Trop chouette, le vers ressemble trop à un faiseur dans Dune ;)

Hector 4 years ago

Sirlonie you roxxx like a fury woman, great work ! Where can I find this fucking dog plush ? I want it !!!

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