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A lonesome girl spends her time with her only friends...The horses from a farm right next to her house. She goes to the valley to ride her favorite horse. She chases a white butterfly. Is the butterfly a spirit? She keeps chasing the girl in the white dress until the end. The girl in the white dress was her imaginary friend.


lonesome girl : Alex
girl in the white dress: Helen

Shot, Directed and Graded by Me.

You can check my some of my work here


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Matthew Stromer 1 year ago

Blown away. Great job

Dimitris JimmyBoy Argyriou 4 years ago

Great work.

Giorgio Constantine 4 years ago

I may have not won but to me it was a very fun and educational process. Thank you for your feedback and votes. For those on vimeo you can watch this in 1080p and Like this here

mry 4 years ago

Wow! :)

JuanitoDZ 4 years ago

Nice work!

Yuga. 4 years ago

BTW, I wanted to know about the technicalities... which cam/grading tools have you used?

bacardi 4 years ago

He is not gonna tell you. I´m sure he is one of those "artists" who don´t wanna tell how they do their "magic" cause they are afraid someone can copy them. Anyway, if you wanna accomplish that kind of look its really simple. Just buy Magic Bullet and play with the presets. There are tons of looks. Just find the one he used. Then you can add "flicker" effect and a little film grain. Also play with the levels and make the blacks warmer colors. I can´t believe people get surprised with a color correction you can do in few seconds. The important in music videos is the story and here there isn´t. Also the editing has a different rhythm than the song. It makes me sick sometimes

Giorgio Constantine 4 years ago

Thanks alot Bacardi. It's called aesthetics. I think you are just a jaded person you didn't participate for obvious reasons. Have fun being like that.

tatino 4 years ago

@ bacardi... i don't know abt any rule that says a music vid gotta hv a story.

Yuga. 4 years ago

Top class! The kinda one I would love to make. :)

Giorgio Constantine 4 years ago

Thank you Yuga. It's a 5D mark II obviously and a 50 mm lens. I used MB to achieve this look.

Alex Webb 4 years ago

I love the colour grading within the work. Also the pace of the edit works really well.
Absolutely brilliant, you've got my vote!

Let me know what you think of my entry...

All the best, Alex.

Giorgio Constantine 4 years ago

Thank you Alex. I love your work as well! Voted!

baudrillardo 4 years ago

the crossprocessed stock footage look to the video is outstanding! I really love the color processing, i like the video overall, but right now I cant stop myself from praising that technical aspect above anything else! I had never imagined the song with those colors and I think that not many people either, it's a wonderful effect! The whole video does leave an impression. I like the Alice in Wonderful vibe to it.
Good luck Giorgio.
I hope you like mine as well, it's the story of a little elephant searching for his missing chicken friend for months on the streets of Barcelona and Madrid:

Giorgio Constantine 4 years ago

thank you so much for noticing all the details Baudrillardo.
I am happy you like it.
Will check out your video too! Good Luck.

Kathy Price-Robinson 4 years ago

Just lovely. Loved the pace of the editing and the poetic nature of it. Thanks for doing it.

Giorgio Constantine 4 years ago

Thank you Kathy.Good luck to you too.

doxxel 4 years ago

this song is written for this video...PERFECT MATCH. I am surprised by the few votes!!!

Giorgio Constantine 4 years ago

Thank you Doxxel. You can help with the votes by sending it to your friends :P

izem 4 years ago

i pretty much like the colors.

Giorgio Constantine 4 years ago

thank you!

Peeter Rebane 4 years ago

nice touch & feel, congrats! P :)

Giorgio Constantine 4 years ago

Thank you Peeter! I'm happy you like it! Good luck to you too!

WaWe 4 years ago


Giorgio Constantine 4 years ago

Thank you WaWe.

Mick E 4 years ago

Quality. Are you really only 23??

Giorgio Constantine 4 years ago

:D I take that as a compliment. Indeed I am 23. You can check some of my other work here :

courageone 4 years ago

Thought this was beautifully shot.

Giorgio Constantine 4 years ago

thank you so much Courage One.

gio di luce 4 years ago

well done amigo..excellent job..congruts..

panos skoulidas 4 years ago

great..beautiful feeling..nice photography..congratulations..big hug
panos skoulidas

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