Moby - Wait For Me by Kingofkings |

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A boy obsessed with war and the military dreams about one day becoming a soldier. Whilst playing with his military toys, he wishes that he could enter the world of his toy soldiers and fight alongside them on the battlefield. Suddenly he realises that he has been transformed into a toy soldier and transported to their world. Initially he sees war as he had always imagined – glorious, heroic and exciting, but its not long until he sees war as it really is – horrific and gruesome. War is hell. After returning to reality, he no longer wants to be a soldier or play with military toys anymore.


Written and Directed by Leon Chrysostomou
Cinematography by Leon Chrysostomou
Figurines built and painted by Leon Chrysostomou. Set construction and prop building by Leon Chrysostomou and Jemma Gorring. Additional model making by Stephen Jahnke.
Production design, costumes and general assistance by Jemma Gorring. Set design by Leon Chrysostomou and Jemma Gorring.
Editing by Leon Chrysostomou. Lenses generously lent to the production from Gabriel Kaszab, Chris Karageorgiou, Justin Harrison. 'The boy' played by Jacob Spence. Special thanks to Jemma Gorring, Norman H, Tim and Janelle Spence, Gabriel Kaszab, Stella Chris and Chris Karageorgiou.


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JIMMAAARRAAA 4 years ago

i think its great...its exactly what is happening in the world today...and so many mothers are waiting for there sons, or a girlfriend is waiting for the one she loves to return from the war...the soldier says.... wait for me...the role of the young boy dipicts a child playing not aware of the dangers that are involved in war today....perfect and fits....the best so far...!!!

Bram Vdh 4 years ago

Very nice! You got my vote!

Take a look at my video also if you like:

Feedback is more very welcome!

Video.Hilde 4 years ago

I think, too, that the video is well done, involved a lot of work and technical expertise, but - somehow I don't get the connection to the title of the song. Who is supposed to wait for who?

Kingofkings 4 years ago

Thanks guys, appreciate your compliments

AlexR 4 years ago

Technically perfect, and visually stunning video - congrats!

Sergey Zeinalov 4 years ago

Very interesting video!
Watch and Vote for my please!

ffd8 4 years ago

wow- great story and interpretation of the song, not to mention implementation!

baudrillardo 4 years ago

Really fresh take on the subject and different from the rest!

I hope you like mine as well:
Good Luck!

Flusha 4 years ago

What a great clip, very moving. The young actor is brilliant. Well done guys.

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