Moby - Wait For Me by mkeeganuhl |

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featuring Maliabeth Johnson & Max Abrams

created by M. Keegan Uhl


Shot entirely on Canon's 7D & Nikon lenses. Edited and colored on a Mac with Final Cut Pro.


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KYRAAAAAAA 4 years ago

Genial la escena en que él se va: el lenguaje de los pies no suele ser nunca protagonista y aquí lo es de forma única.

BrinHill 4 years ago

The story and flow really fits the song, good job. Also, I noticed you won the behind the still competition. Congrats, it seems like these last few weeks have been very good for you and rightfully so.

I noticed you mentioned Chris Burden, if you haven't already, you should check out his performance pieces from the 70's. He an inspiring and insane individual. Best of luck to ya Keegan.

blazer003 4 years ago

Your cinematography is very well done. Just wanted to comment that my favorite was the scene of her obviously telling him he couldn't go, but him going past her and leaving anyway... all shot with just their feet in frame. Very artistic and yet conveyed the message perfectly. The story unfolds beautifully.

The critique I have is that it seemed a bit out of place when the two of them were walking in the sea of light posts. Maybe an establishing shot of them twirling around one lightpost in a real location and then cutting to them in the sea of lightposts would have been brilliant.

Where did you do the shot of all the lightposts? On a set?

Anyway, that's the only thing, and it was a very small thing. Overall 8.5/10.

mkeeganuhl 4 years ago

The sea of lightposts is an actual location. It is a brilliant modern art installation outside the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The piece is called "Urban Light" and is an installation of 202 restored and fully operational vintage streetlights by artist Chris Burden. It is a really cool piece, right on one of the main roads through the city.

José Maria Manso 4 years ago

great job people, photography, montage, cast, acting, prps, clothes, etc..

baudrillardo 4 years ago

I really appreciate your video! Very well put together. Stunning cinematography.

I hope you like mine as well, it's the story of a little elephant searching for his missing chicken friend for months on the streets of Barcelona and Madrid:

Good Luck!!

PS:You got my vote!

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