Aloe Blacc - Ticking Bomb by Mohit Israney |

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Time - The Ultimate Ticking Bomb

Writer/Director - Mohit Israney
Concept/Story- Trisha Sarang
Producer - Rushi Sinha
Cinematographer- Vikas Munipalle
Son - Ashish Thadani
Father - Mohammad Mir Munawar

Editing- Kalash Surana, Rushi Sinha, Shiv Rawail
Color correction- Shiv Rawail
Production - Shruti Daga , Rushi Sinha, Ashish Thadani and Kalash Surana
Camera Attendant - Ravi RK Vision

Special thanks:-
Naren Israney and Neha Israney
Dr. Rakesh Sinha and Dr. Manju Sinha
Women's Hospital
Mohammed Mir Munawar
Ashish Thadani
Trisha Sarang
Rushindra Sinha
Kalash Surana
Yogesh Bulchandani
Shiv Rawail
Karan Shetty
RK Vision
Viraj Kudtarkar


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alessandra leimer 2 months ago

great video, mohit, well done! congrats!

SF_Dancer 8 months ago

Wow - made me cry! Excellent video, and congrats on the win!!

Ellie CK 9 months ago

Well done, Mohit!

Mohit Israney 9 months ago

Thank you Ellie!
= )

Canvas 9 months ago

Congrats! Your video is great!,

Mohit Israney 9 months ago

Thank you!
= )

zinanacheva 9 months ago

Congratulations for Winning!
Congratulations for Winning!

Mohit Israney 9 months ago

Thank you so much!

trishasarang 9 months ago


Mohit Israney 9 months ago

Thank you noob!
= )

Nishbot 9 months ago

A good and touching story!

Mohit Israney 9 months ago

Thanks a lot buddy.
Had a look at your entry too, its technically brilliant.
Kudos to you and your team!
Wish you lots of luck!
= )

Nishbot 9 months ago

You too, Mohit! Good luck! :-)