Damon Albarn - Heavy Seas Of Love by kubaRo | Genero.tv
By kubaRo

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Everyday Robots: First solo album from Damon Albarn. Available in the US from April 29. Pre-order album & get Everyday Robots single, Lonely Press Play and Heavy Seas Of Love instantly: http://smarturl.it/itERalbumdeluxe.

Journey of a little robot through the worlds of motion graphics and motion designs.


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MicahBuzan 3 months ago

Love all the different visual styles in this. It makes clicking the different options feel necessary.

xfauthoux 8 months ago

really nice

kubaRo 11 months ago

Thank you everyone so much! I had a great time in NYC, love Genero!
Peace! :)

Ben Reyes 11 months ago

This is so cool, congrats on winning!

Ellie CK 11 months ago

Congratulations! Have a great time in NYC!

Paulette FS 11 months ago

wow this is AWEsome

Polina24 11 months ago

Congratulations! Very stylish and goes so perfectly with the song. Awesome work!

jason.cleverley.71 11 months ago

btw - I teach music in a UK Secondary School - I will deffo be showing this video to all of my students; they'll love it!

jason.cleverley.71 11 months ago

Fantastic! Well done :-)

Canvas 11 months ago

I think that the animation and rythm of your video are great! Congrats!!

Herfrantictyping 11 months ago

I love the idea of the little robot lost in the big world, capturing so perfectly everday struggle with well, life and matching Damon's-slash-Blur's music history. What else can I say? hashtag-Polish-and-proud

zinanacheva 11 months ago

Congratulations for Winning! Great job!

Jason Verney 11 months ago

Brilliant! Congratulations for Winning! Best... J

billythecoleman 12 months ago

this was my wife's favorite from this contest (after mine, of course! ;)) i just watched it and it's wonderful! i'm sure Damon will like it, too. great job! your attention to the details and differing animation styles are pleasant pieces of ingenuity.

best of luck in the competition!

kubaRo 12 months ago

Thanks a lot! :) I'm very pleased that you noticed these details, Cheers! ;)