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Cape Hatteras is a pristine coastline located at the farthest point of North Carolina creating the “Cape” of Hatteras. Its a tiny fishing village that was colonized by the original “Lost Colony”, and has since remained an otherworldly location thanks to its stunning natural beauty and seclusion from the outside world.


Director. Shooter, Editor: Scott Hansen
Aerial Drone Camera: Nick Hansen
Second Camera: Chris Roll
Writer: Mary Dixon
Voice Over: Cape Hatteras Local Elisa Addabo
Music: Ryan Farrish "The Great Divide"


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Fordie 1 year ago

The video footage is awesome (I liked everything except for the dead and dying fish, but that's just me). I am a little confused though, I guess because I associate Cape Hatteras with the island itself, but maybe you meant the entire CHNS…the Bodie Island Lighthouse is in the video, but not on HI. When the narrator says something about driving over the bridge and see the lighthouse and skyline in the distance, this must refer to leaving HI. Not a criticism, just a thought. Nice job, Scott.

tugboatz 1 year ago

love the video and its a great voice over two thumbs up "OBX"

kaugustson 1 year ago

This video is done for commercial reasons only! This video will tell you that Hatteras Island is "untouched" or to the effect.... NOT SO!!! there o
Is a TREMENDOUS difference between a Native and a LOCAL! This video was NOT DONE BY A NATIVE!!! No way, No How! I'm from Cape Hatteras 100 generations back (paraphrasing) here but I AM from generation far back to the ORIGINALS as my Grandmother was of the original Indian Tribe when the first child was born on the Outer Banks, Virginia Dare.
All this commercialism has ripped the Outer Banks apart is all I can say. Yes, this is a well done video with the woman's soothing voice, etc. But just know this, the Outer Banks is NOT UNTOUCHED and it is NO LONGER "pristine"! Hardly!

Cm4455 1 year ago

Great video, voice over certainly not a native!

clay.pritchard.18 1 year ago

Looks Great

brandon.jensen.9212 1 year ago

So well done. I really want to go see this place now.

Scott Hansen 1 year ago

thanks guys!

mjd0916 1 year ago

Love Hatteras.

cetre 1 year ago

Well done.

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