Hannah Ild - Awakening by SiLee Films | Genero.tv

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Some enter the world lost & alone… Forced to find their path, unguided.
So begins a journey of discovery, new experiences and emotions.
This is "Koit's" enchanting story of awakening.

Taking inspiration from Hannah's music, this animation was created using stylised visuals & a simple monochrome colour palette to tell "Koit's" story.


Directed by Lee Parker
Story by Lee Parker & Simon Ralph
Animation by Lee Parker & Simon Ralph
Backgrounds by Simon Ralph


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SiLee Films 11 months ago

Thanks for the kind words VideoKid_Productions! We are really happy that we got 'Staff Pick' & 'Finalist'
Sorry your film didn't make the selection.

VideoKid_Productions 11 months ago

Props on this one! My video aside, this is definitely my favorite!
Great concept, great story!

SiLee Films 1 year ago

Aww-shucks… Thanks for all the wonderful comments - very much appreciated :)

alexr909 1 year ago

Love it, good job!

Iegore 1 year ago

Good! Good! Good! Great story! Creative! I like it!

OSYP 1 year ago

SiLee, thank you for reply and good luck with all your projects!

SiLee Films 1 year ago

Thanks for the kind words OSYP & Jacob Young, much appreciated :)

OSYP: The animation software we used was ToonBoom Animate 2 & After Effects :)

OSYP 1 year ago

Great work, I like it very much! Please, tell me what software did you use for animation? If that is not a big secret, of course:)

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