Moby - Almost Home by dorin.teodor |

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Childhood is the most precious treasure a man can have.
Inside every man's soul, , there is a child.
We often remember the pleasant moments from childhood.
The story is based on real events.


Directed, Written, Screenplay, Storyboard by: Dorin TEODOR

Camera & Light: Sorin VESTEMAN, Dorin TEODOR

Cast: Dorin TEODOR (Man 1 - Adult brunette boy), Adrian IACOB ( The BOSS), Iulian STOICA (Man 2 - Adult blonde boy ), Ramona MISCHIU (Woman - Adult blonde girl ), Sebastian RICIU (Brunette boy), Stefan STOICA (Blonde boy), Bianca DOBOS (Blonde girl), Daniela GOSA (Brunette girl).


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