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While jogging, a middle-aged man dreams of adventuring again as a young boy, king of his wild, wild world.


Directed, Produced & Edited by Brad Skoglund

Man: Aaron Seever
Boy: Kurt Wilson

Cinematography By:
Josh Lambeth
Noel Lucas
Brian Osback

Production Assistants:
Colin Anderson
Juan Prado

Location Scouting:
Brad Skoglund
Brian Osback

Special Thanks to Mike Watt, Jennifer Wilson and Josh Lambeth & Noel Lucas at Birds Eye Productions (aerial and some handheld videography).

Best Wishes to the deer we accidentily hit on County Road 3 in Northern Arizona while location scouting.

Filmed in Tempe, Arizona, and around the Mormon Lake and Mogollon Rim areas of Arizona.

Shot on Canon 5D Mark III cameras with Canon EF lenses.


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BradSkoglund 1 year ago

Thank You, Mouse. I really enjoyed your video as well.

Mouse 1 year ago

really good cinematography here brad. I love your camera work ! at 1. 47 great shot .. simply rocks .. pretty nice concept too .. like

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