Moby - Almost Home by Mr. Duck |

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Two astronauts are lost after an accident. Their mother watches the news and feels their presence while they both are dying in the desert. The astronauts have flashbacks of their childhood memories while fighting to survive. In the struggle the only thing they got left is their faith represented by a necklace and it's the connection between their past, their family love, and hope to be found alive.


Directed By: Mr. Duck
Astronaut 1: Rick Ortega
Astronaut 2: Johnnie Hector
Kid 1: Ayden Hicks
Kid 2: Christopher Dorado
Mother: Mr. Duck's Mom
Reporter: Jules Flores

Photography and Postproduction By: Mr. Duck
Field Producers: Adriana Rodriguez and Cristina Carbajal
First AD and Casting by: Jules Flores
Kids Props builder: Angela Chavez Brock
Astronaut costumes and helmets by: Mr Duck's family


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ele 5 months ago

beautifully done

StanAxeman 1 year ago

cool concept--nice work!

Unstructured Plans 1 year ago

Congratulations on the win. I was moved to tears by the story. Keep up the solid work! 1 year ago

This is fantastic, which is even more impressive when you consider the shoestring budget it was produced with. "Mr. Duck" has been a student at the community college where I teach. I do not know him, but am proud of this creative and moving video.

Johnnie Hector 1 year ago

Amazing!!! Loved it.. Very moving!

Moibe 1 year ago

This video really moved me, I think it is the best finalist. I hope they can win!

A1Mikeo 1 year ago

Great Song Moby ... Very Spiritual ... I watched all the video finalist ... This is the only one that moved me ... Surprised there are no comments so far. Well done Mr Duck. Antoine Sydney Aust