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An embrace of sights and sounds.

Listening to Eric Whitacre‘s „Enjoy the Silence“ made me think about a choir as a living and breathing instrument - like an organ consisting of human bodies as the different pipes, each having their own sound. Eric‘s gives people from different part of the globe the opportunity to sing together even though they are not physically present in the same room.

For this video, I tried to incorporate the different parts and functions of the human body that create the voice: the breath and diaphragm, the mouth, the lips, the tongue. Coincidentally, these are also the body parts that symbolise tenderness and intimacy.

I always thought that a lot of love scenes in movies fail to transport the feeling of intimacy. Love seems to sharpen the senses to a degree that you notice even the tiniest details - even if that is painfully close.

The resulting video is a journey through the landscape of the body, following the motion of the singing voice. It seems kind of ironic to call a musical piece „Enjoy the Silence“. But silence - the absence of sound - could be as fascinating for musicians as light and shadow are for visual artists. I tried to let sights and sounds embrace each other and give body to something that is both intimate and scary - and cannot really be expressed. „Words are very unnecessary“... Enjoy it!


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