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A Struggling Artist starts his new job as a Security Guard.


Written, Produced, and Directed by Jared Myers
Director of Photography- Kent Svenson and Carsten Johnson
Edited by Carsten Johnson and Jared Myers
Production Designer- Alexis Johnson
Lighting Specialist- Sophie Meath
Script Supervisor/1st A.D- William Bakken
P.A.'s- Andrew Holliday, Matthew Abeler, Erik Johnson, Madeline Walz.

Max Lorei
Tessa Meath
Bradley Johnson
Greg Bownik
Joel Myers
William Bakken

Matthew Abeler
Andrew Holliday
Erik Johnson
Brittany Anderson
Ethan Zepp
Jessica Moslowski
TJ Sohre
Alexis Johnson
Jonah Traaseth
Nicole Nohelty
Carsten Johnson
Emily Holland
Tony Mansmith
John Kerber
John Mallow

Special Thanks to The Guthrie Theater CostumeRentals, The City of Roseville, Roseville Parks and Rec, Roseville Police Department and David and Nannette Myers

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