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A spirited youth carries the energy of future generations through urban and natural landscapes. Inspired by the ideas rooted in reggae culture, he travels an undefined path with the sole purpose of spreading the new wave of reggae.


Directed by Jesse Littlebird

Written by Jesse Littlebird and Austin Madrid

Produced by Austin Madrid

Starring Solomon Marley Soul-Bowe

Cinematography by Jesse Littlebird

Edited by Austin Madrid

Graded by Jesse Heidenfeld

Casting by Alice Linder and Shaandiin Tome

Choreographed by Trey Pickett

Main Character's Friend: Talib O. Westman
Dancers: Vanessa Mathis, Estevan Velasco-Romero, Sonia Bologa

Assistant Producer: Kendra Crooks
Assistant Editor: Jesse Littlebird
Set Decoration: Alan Cordova
Key Grips: Sam Saloio and Alex Deeds

Special thanks to Alan Cordova, VHS Film Department, Abel Abeita and the New Mexico Coalition of Facial Fur


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