Different women from different realities attend a fight club a few times a week and forget where they come from and what they do to feed themselves with adrenalin and endorphins... Something like and addiction.... And the story repeats... and repeats...

Enjoy !


Director & Editor: Emiliano Kore
Producer: Caroline Gonzaga / Emiliano Kore
Cinematographers: Diogo Marques / Ricardo Vamp / Acauâ Fonseca / Walter Cereja / Emiliano Kore
Gaffer / Drone / Location: Gabriel Naufel
Production Assistant: Marcos Diaz
Style: NINA IMAGEM / Thabatta Cabanas / Danielle Arruda
Make up & Hair / FX's: Alina Peixoto / Livia Camargo / Fabiana Servilha
Cast: Talita Alves / Juliana Cancian / Andrea Ferreira / Fernanda Lacerda / Priscila Mallmann / Alina Peixoto / Mayra Borelli / Mariana Ayabe / Fernanda Fenner / Rita Carelli / Camila Koch / Fabiana Servilha


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