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In a world managed by artificial systems, we can't stop the permanent struggle between our heart and instincts.


Story, design, art direction, animation and editing (phew!) by Oscar Triana


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jonsteve777 2 years ago

Parce que buen video, la técnica del 3d y la estética que le dió es muy profesional, de los que he visto, es uno de los mejores.

oscar.triana 2 years ago

Gracias! Esperemos tenga buen publico! Hay muy buenos videos en concurso.

Matei 2 years ago

this one should win. really nice 3d, professional level animation

seba.aguilar.25 2 years ago

outstanding! one thing... matt's guitar kind of broke the "muse atmosphere"

oscar.triana 2 years ago

Thanks! Glad people like it! There are too many great videos in this contest!

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