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'The Training'

The Training describes the process of one subject, identified as Mr X, immersed in a mysterious and clandestine training procedure, run by a scientific organization called NEA, in order to analyze the boundaries and limits of human nature.


Writer, Director and Editor: Biktor Kero.
Executive production: Ádel Kháder and Biktor Kero.
Production Manager: Ádel Kháder
Cinematography: Francisco Burgos.
Art Director: Juan A. Gil
Line Producer: Leticia L. Melchor.
1st Assistant director: Kike Ramírez
Camerawoman: Delia Márquez.
Costume designer: Carmen Acosta.
Make-Up Artist and Hair Stylist: Lulú Pérez.
Production Assistant: Eva Lara
Art Assistant: Isabella de Haro
2nd Assistant Director: Juan Fleta
Electricians: Mariví Carrillo and Manuel Peñuela

Produced by: Visual Quests and Infodel Media.

José Vallejo
Ana Miriam Muñoz
Razvan Rosu
Fran Millán
Juan Fleta
Miguel Guardiola
Adrián López
Laura Benavides
Mariví Carrillo


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montse.braineater 2 years ago

Por Dios! es el mensaje que me hubiera gustado dar en el video de Animals! es perfecto para la canción, el final increíble! lo amé muchísimo, en verdad espero que ganes, es el video perfecto para la canción!

biktor.kero 2 years ago

Gracias, hemos hecho todo lo posible por ser fieles a la idea de la canción, al estilo de Muse con nuestro punto de vista. :D

william.a.gosline 2 years ago

Aloha from Hawaii, Mr. Kero. I am a teacher and screen writer in Honolulu. A local director, Bill Draheim, and I shot and released a short called "John E. Dirt" here on Oahu. I showed it a student, who then referred me to your short. The resemblance is uncanny!
Please take a minute to watch ours; both Draheim and I have viewed and enjoyed yours immensely.

John E. Dirt is posted on Vimeo. Check it out and good luck with the competition! Let us know if you need help (votes, etc.)

biktor.kero 2 years ago

Amazing! Nice connection. Good to hear from you!

biktor.kero 2 years ago

Thanks a lot!
The video is finalist for the competition!
If you liked it, we would appreciate your vote for it to win, you can do it here:

ImRexa 2 years ago

I liked I liked I liked I liked !! Congratulations :) good luck!!

biktor.kero 2 years ago

Thank you! Glad you liked it. :)

edwins.ramires 2 years ago

Acabo de mudar minha opinião. Seu trabalho é o melhor!!! SUCESSO!

biktor.kero 2 years ago

Gracias! :)

onenessteam 2 years ago

Nice video, good luck!! :D

biktor.kero 2 years ago

Thanks! Your is truly amazing too!

ImRexa 2 years ago

Your videos are AMAZING!! You two are my favorites

manuk.penuelaleon 2 years ago

Una gran obra maestra, cada vez que se ve, es mejor!

biktor.kero 2 years ago

Jeje, fue duro pero ha merecido la pena sin duda!

artificialt 2 years ago

woow es un excelente concepto de la canción :D

biktor.kero 2 years ago

Me allegro mucho de que te guste, intentamos dar con la esencia base de todo el problema financiero. Las bases. :)

musanda 2 years ago

My favourite so far. Excellent job!

biktor.kero 2 years ago

Many thanks! We did our best to suit the song´s ideas and to give it a twist. :D

ivanna.arenas.7 2 years ago

Excelente muy propio de la banda Muse, mi favorito hasta ahora, dudo que el quinto lo supere!

biktor.kero 2 years ago

Gracias, de verdad. Somos muy muy fans de la banda y eso se ha plasmado!

edwins.ramires 2 years ago

Great video.

biktor.kero 2 years ago

Thank you!

mwishart306 2 years ago

Great video. I liked the concept and how it plays out. At points it called to mind the Zimbardo Stanford prison experiment.

biktor.kero 2 years ago

We are so excited be a finalist out of so many good films! Thanks to the crew, to the cast, to Genero, to Muse and to all those who enjoyed the video and shared it. I'm overwhelmed.

ADIATEATRO 2 years ago


Jessmuser 2 years ago

If there is any video better than this one we're in trouble musers xD

Lukgood 2 years ago

great work, guys. Seriously.

_JoaoCampos 2 years ago

That was amazing! Such a great idea!

TraceyMedia 2 years ago

''I'll say it again--it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of God!" The poor animals are in fact richer.

Darkdavid 2 years ago

Wow!!! Que buen vídeo, es excelente!!, muy buen trabajo! y no le deseo suerte, dicen que esa se desea a mediocres, y seguro con este trabajo no lo son!! muchos éxitos mas bien =)

naoma 2 years ago

Best of all! Fits perfectly to the song!

frankyGoesTo... 2 years ago

great job guys! love the video, and are a champion ! muse this are your people ! un abrazo,f.

Alex Esteve 2 years ago

Que haya mucha suerte Biktor!!

biktor.kero 2 years ago

Muchas gracias!

Arashilla 2 years ago

Amazing!!!! :o

biktor.kero 2 years ago

Thank you!

quehartera 2 years ago

Such a great idea with the most suitable aesthetic for it, congrats!!

biktor.kero 2 years ago

Thanks, we did our best to fit the mood of the song with the image. :)

TheLastOrder 2 years ago

Woah, this will be the winner, or at least one of the finalists. Much better story than the other ones, it has a very powerfull narrative about "animals" controlling the world.

9,5/10 guys!

manuk.penuelaleon 2 years ago

This is The best!

THO+ 2 years ago

Buenísimo! El mejor hasta ahora. Finalista seguro!

ohjuliego 2 years ago


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