Yoplait Seasons - Winter - What makes winter so good? by Muaddib | Genero.tv
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So many ways to enjoy winter...
Let's taste and have fun!


Filmmaker : Nicolas Lhomme
Music & sound design : Benoit Rault


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MicahBuzan 3 months ago

That was great! The designs remind me a game from the Nintendo 64, but like a really HD version.

Moid 2 years ago

C'est fantastique, great job!

Muaddib 2 years ago

Merci beaucoup, that's really kind!

ohjuliego 2 years ago

awesome 3d work. what program did you use?

Muaddib 2 years ago

I used Maya for 3D, and After Effects.

Dave Pyefinch 2 years ago

really love your work!