My goal was to create a fun and quirky animation, with a lot of little details, that would make viewers want to watch it over again.

I wanted to try creating something unique so I came up with my own lyrics for my character, 'Rick'. I'm not a great singer, but I tried my best..

My name is Rick
And it might not seem it,
but I work overtime
to be slender and fit.

I lunge while I brush.
I do squats at the fridge.
When my wife isn't home,
then I bench press the kids.

At night we go out
and we pop off the lids
of some Miller64 --
with friends in or midsts.

We drink Miller64!
I joyfully sip,
as I'm keeping fit--
to Miller64!


Written, Directed and Animated by San Charoenchai


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HackStudios 1 year ago

My wife isn't home I bench press the kids! HA very nice

aaron.ghent 1 year ago


Laborintus 1 year ago

Congratulation! So funny!

Karl 1 year ago

"I do squat" t-shirt - fav part!

sancharoenchai 1 year ago

haha.. I was wondering if anyone would get that..

drew.tree 1 year ago

Great job!

sancharoenchai 1 year ago

Thanks! Glad you liked it.