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A husband has his nightly fun while his wife waits at home with a surprise in store for him.

*Please watch in HD for better quality and feel free to share*

This is a collaboration video between John Yew and FraiseVinyl.


Filmmakers: John Yew, FraiseVinyl.

Cast: Wook Choi, Kala Séraphin, Alison Hjelseth, Yejee Lee, Cade and FraiseVinyl.

FraiseVinyl is a photographer, videographer, and performance artist based in Seoul, Korea.

John is a filmmaker in South Korea.


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zunseoung.gim 2 years ago

같은 한국인이네요! 멋지십니다!!

C O N T E N T E D 2 years ago

Great idea, well done and well cleverly executed. Definitely a very strong contender in this competition.

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