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Set in a small, rural town, "20 Years" is the story of a young dreamer named William, who sets out by himself in search of success. Unbeknownst to him, the girl he has been romancing , Barbara, has gotten pregnant with his child. He leaves town before she can tell him in a note that he is going to be a father. Unbeknownst to her, he is gone, likely to not return again, and she is heartbroken. At an unknown time after the baby girl is born, from an unknown cause, the mother dies. The young dreamer, still unaware of the fact that he is a father does not find his dream, instead finding despair at his failure, and now with a drinking problem. He returns, defeated, to the small town, in regret over the death of the child's mother, and knows he has to make a change. At this point, both father and daughter learn about each other, and the daughter writes him a note, wanting to be a part of his life. Having failed at his dreams, the dreamer gives up the alcohol, and sets out to find his young daughter, which he does, and do the right thing for the only successful thing he has done in his life.


Producers: Paul Koudouris, Chris Koudouris
Directors: Paul Koudouris, Chris Koudouris
Writers: Paul Koudouris, Chris Koudouris
Editors: Paul Koudouris, Chris Koudouris
Videographers: Paul Koudouris, Chris Koudouris
Actors: Anna Vanston, Paul Koudouris


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