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Love waits for no one.


Directed by: Danny Garcia
Cinematography by: Brandon Moore & Danny Garcia
Edited by: Brandon Moore

Starring: Taylor King & Eric Perez

Special Thanks to:
Edgar Machuca
Hayden Houser
Revolution Cinema Rentals: http://revolutioncinemarentals.com/
BrokeAss Filmmakers: http://brokeassfilmmakers.com/


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exigent 2 years ago

This is just beautiful. I love a video that makes me feel. I was held in thrall the entire way through. :)

drgarcia3 2 years ago

thank you so much for your kind words! it is a success to me to know that one person was affected in this way

BrendanDBabs 2 years ago

Excellent work. I like the quality and the lens flares. Check out my entry if you get a chance

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