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Kevin Ehrmantraut just wants to be cool.



Director - Christopher Meyers
Writers - Christopher Meyers, Wyeth Taylor and Wayne Han
Producer - Wayne Han and Wyeth Taylor
Director of Photography - Derek Johnson
Colorist and Effects - Mark Olsen
Production and Costume Designer - Amanda Scruggs
Gaffer - Natasha Pirouzain
Key Grip - David C. Weldon Jr.
Best Boy Grip - Drew Pick
1st Assistant Camera - Freddy Fernandez
2nd Assistant Camera - Scott Peragine
2nd 2nd Assistant Camera - Andrew Toth
1st Assistant Director - Kile Stumbo
Special Effects Supervisor - Scott Meyers


Wyeth Taylor as Kevin Ehrmantraut
Dominic Best and Ty Sugg as The Robot
Christopher Meyers as Homeless Guy
Jon McMahon as Rocker Dude #1
Amanda Scruggs as Hot Girl #1
Danielle Billeaux as Hot Girl #2
Natasha Pirouzain as Hot Girl #3
Taylor Costello as Hot Girl #4
Chris Burnett as Rocker Dude #2


Hurlbut Visuals
Revolution Cinema Rentals
Wyeth Taylor and Dominic Best
Wayne Han, Chris Burnett, Saul Lazeus, Jessa Grace Hollowell, Ben Padua, and Scott and Jamie Meyers


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MadFoxPictures 1 year ago

This rules man, nice work

luke.wissell 2 years ago

Totally in love with this. Keep it up yeew

Jakobud 2 years ago

Epic video. Definitely should have won.

neotheone15 2 years ago

Awesome video!

Dusters Studios 2 years ago

Well done

dbilleaux 2 years ago

I hope this wins! Such an awesome video!

tylersugg 2 years ago

This turned out Amazing! Love it!

npirouzian 2 years ago

too good

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