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A young couple spends their last day together.


Directed by Vincent Pergola and Kyle Kaplan
Produced by Nicholas Braun and Tyler Serebreni


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kelseyj 2 years ago

Really enjoy the BreakfastToms videos! This is really good for M83. Hope y'all win and hope to see more from you guys :)

Matthew Pitcher 2 years ago

I really love your entry BreakfastToms! Very moving. It gets me every time. Well done! :)

BreakfastToms 2 years ago

Thank you Matthew, great job on yours as well.

Matthew Pitcher 2 years ago

Thank you! Absolutely love your concept - was this shot in LA? I lived there for a year last year. Is that Santa Monica pier near the end?

Selvi 2 years ago

i love M83 so much .Thanks kyle and nicholas who brought me here .Great job guys!

lexbox360 2 years ago

Perfect. I will be shocked if this doesn't win.

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