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"A guy is invited to a party by a girl he likes only to discover that this get together is larger than life itself."

After listening through the entire album I felt that "Fiya Wata" gave off this deep resonance that being at a really great party would feel like. Almost as if you we're intoxicated off of the atmosphere itself. I then melded this idea with a party idea my roommate and I had of turning the entire apartment into one giant blanket fort.

Thanks to everyone who helped out on this project. None of this would have taken off without you.

Lover Guy: Jordan James Smith
Lover Girl: Caitlin Wright
Vikings: Branden Lymer and Scott Frazelle
Indian Bride: Lauren Elliot
Bartender: Mike Robinson
Patron: William Crane
Flapper Girl: Emily Robinson


Directed by: Greg Mullin
Edited by: Greg Mullin
1st AD: Kat Hartman

Director of Photography: Matthew Smith
1st AC: Alex Brunelle
2nd AC: Rachael Doughty

Production Designer: Phi Tran
Costume Designer: Angie Hartley

Makeup: Laura Morales
Make Assistant: Jessica Santizo

PA's: Jordan Vogeny, Barbara Stephan, Emily Berens


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