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Set in an implied totalitarian future, a man runs for his life and in the process helps another find his own.

-We set out to create a universe much like Linkin Park does in their albums. We didn't have the time or budget to tap into something truly robust, but as indie filmmakers we did the best with what we had! Our goal from the start was to compliment the existing video instead of entirely crafting our own, it was important to us to include the pure intensity and energy of LP's performance in this video. I've watched it a hundred times while editing and for simply having a band in a room it's brilliant, Joe Hahn helped craft a universe with no direct plot but implications and suggestions of the lyrics in the song. Although on our side not everything turned out as perfect as we would have liked - there are a couple shots in particular we would love to reshoot - but between the sci-fi energy that the band's thoughtful lyrics provoke and the kinetic direction of the music video that inspired our own energy to get out there and film with some sleepless nights, I know that we pushed our own envelope, and win or lose that is always a good thing.

Oh and no worries about the spray paint too its the non-permanent wash off kind and rained the next day!


Made by a Strike To Burn Productions

Concept by Jordan Page and Travis Hayward

Runner played by Josh Gay

Added sequences directed by Travis Hayward


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hadez212 2 years ago

For me, this and jemga's are the ones with higher chances of being the winner, this video actually feels like a LP video, is like you are seeing a Hybrid Theory video made on 2012, the footage just works, is awesome.

StrikeToBurn 2 years ago

Thank you very much, that was the exact vibe we were going for, something that would be a throwback but would also blend well with the technology used in the new video!

taylorfrye 2 years ago

Great video guys!! What LP video should be.

SpiceyAppleSauce 2 years ago

Now THIS is a Linkin Park music video. Not just a short film with Linkin Park playing in the background like some of the ones with most the likes. EVERYTHING about this video screams Linkin Park from the genre to the costumes to the elements--like spraypaint. Very nice. I saw, too, CaptialF's--good indeed but not very LP. I don't think likes mean a thing, so good luck. The first time I saw this is made not any sense, but I think that it's almost like the beginnings of a rebellion. cuz that guy sees the other guy running and has a change of heart, almost like its infectious. Perhaps I would have liked to seen more of ur footage, but in reality--thinking back to Numb and Crawling--when LP has a music video that shows them playin and shows another story, it would probably be the same percentage as this one. Much luck. I check out ur youtube, too. Need to make account. Liked Animus and Murder Inc.

StrikeToBurn 2 years ago

Well thanks so much I really appreciate the comment and I'm really happy that you can see what we were trying to achieve. You really hit the nail on its head with your comment in both your observations on aesthetics and story! We were really trying to play on the past elements of LP in our mental design for everything we did, we've been fans for the better part of a decade going all the way back to Hybrid Theory so to be able to even make an addition to their music video with the possibility of them watching and playing it to their fans is fantastic, and with that in mind we wanted to throw in certain visual and elemental cues for the longtime fans like yourself to hopefully pick up on, so again I am really happy that you did and that paid off!

StrikeToBurn 2 years ago

And also thanks for checking out my short films as well, we put a lot of work into those too so its great to have an audience : ]

CapitalF 2 years ago

Cool video strike :), Check out mine when you get the chance!

StrikeToBurn 2 years ago

Yours was great too! Do you have a youtube channel?

CapitalF 2 years ago

I do! It's How about you guys?

JCStreetSoldier 2 years ago

Watched all the videos. I just gotta say that I think this is the only video that really uses Linkin Park's footage as an element that assists instead of just a filler. Also, I could imagine Linkin Park making a video like this (but with a bigger budget). It takes elements from their previous elements--style and theme--and blends them together. Plus I can tell that this group could use five thousand dollars instead of just use the money to pay off professionals invovled in make it.

JCStreetSoldier 2 years ago

I meant to say *previous albums*

jking12 2 years ago

Everything looked good. The underlying story just seems a little cliche and overused though.

JCStreetSoldier 2 years ago

I don't think this underlined story was used at all. It seems to me that what was overused was that a lot of these people made the song about relationships, even though LP's lyrics are more about other things--like the building up and breaking down of art, society, entertainment, government, music, literature, etc . . . I actually think this video does a good job at showing the pinnacle of a malicious society and how its citizens grow to "hate" it and want a revolution. Hence, building it up, and then when they give sick of it, they tear it down :-P

JCStreetSoldier 2 years ago

Love it.

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