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Set in an implied totalitarian future, a man runs for his life and in the process helps another find his own.

-We set out to create a universe much like Linkin Park does in their albums. We didn't have the time or budget to tap into something truly robust, but as indie filmmakers we did the best with what we had! Our goal from the start was to compliment the existing video instead of entirely crafting our own, it was important to us to include the pure intensity and energy of LP's performance in this video. I've watched it a hundred times while editing and for simply having a band in a room it's brilliant, Joe Hahn helped craft a universe with no direct plot but implications and suggestions of the lyrics in the song. Although on our side not everything turned out as perfect as we would have liked - there are a couple shots in particular we would love to reshoot - but between the sci-fi energy that the band's thoughtful lyrics provoke and the kinetic direction of the music video that inspired our own energy to get out there and film with some sleepless nights, I know that we pushed our own envelope, and win or lose that is always a good thing.

Oh and no worries about the spray paint too its the non-permanent wash off kind and rained the next day!


Made by a Strike To Burn Productions

Concept by Jordan Page and Travis Hayward

Runner played by Josh Gay

Added sequences directed by Travis Hayward


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