Linkin Park - Burn it Down by jemga |
By jemga

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We've grown up in a world of competition. We're taught that there are winners and losers. Here's a futuristic interpretation of where reality tv could go next.


Young boy - Alex Draghicescu
Game show host - Greg Crompton
Special FX - Tamsin Baker
3D Animation - Robert Allison
Sound Effects - Ashley Summers
DOP - Greg Gillespie


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Kris Koster 1 year ago

I'd always wondered who won this comp - Cleaning out my HD and archiving old projects, found the assets for this comp and came back to see. Had seriously considered entering this one but saw Warner were the label and... well... That's another story!

Very nice clip, well done on your win. Although I am bemused as to why it isn't up as the 'official' video on their page and YouTube. I wonder is it a case of Warner screwing us again as they did to me on the Katherine Jenkins clip. Did you eventually get any promo gig out of them?

artificialt 1 year ago


Boopology 2 years ago

SEEEE!!!?!?! I KNEW IT! I KNEW YOU WERE GONNA WIN! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I KNEW IT! I'M SO HAPPY! [and i don't know why..] i just love your videos! you're so cool man, i wish i was like you..,...

Maggie Olkuska 2 years ago

wow! WOW WOW! so original!
so was ur video streamed at the official LP website / youtube channel? hope u got ur award? :)

jemga 2 years ago

Thanks Maggie, it'll be on MTV soon :)

Maggie Olkuska 2 years ago

I found your website, I am really impressed by your works and creativity! As you know, there are not so many female filmmakers in this world.. Keep it up girl! haha funny.. i am moving to Vancouver, Canada in 6mths.. to make movies there..
Question: I am entering a few music video contests now, working hard to win one day (egoistic! haha) and i couldnt find any questions/posts about receiving the prize in FAQ. Can you really win something, do you really get it? Do they send you money on ur bank account? ( i hope those are not too personal questions, but it's ur 2nd contest now.. ! WOW! thanks for ur reply.. in advance.. )& looking forward ur new productions! ;-)

David Ostentatious 2 years ago

Hah I'm moving to Winnipeg with the same plan Maggie ;) Canada is the place to be! Anyway with the money, it takes a while depending on the label. My prize took a long time to be received by Genero to be paid to me, they give you an online form to fill out for the prize money to be deposited into your bank account (they don't have paypal sadly).

Genero 2 years ago

Hi Maggie, and welcome. YES you really get paid the prize money!! :)

Maggie Olkuska 2 years ago

Hej! thanks for all comments.. @Crimsoneye really? epic! Let's make a movie one day, haha! ;-)

PS:naive me.. or unlucky.. i am so grateful i discovered
in the past i took part in some online video contests (on another websites. and filmmakers could win ipads, Macs, cash.. and until today, i ve never seen my award....) anyways, let's do it for the love of making movies, for passion and fun, new filmmakin experience! GENERO.TV thanks for the opportunity to make music videos to our favorite songs ;-)

adityadragoniyer 2 years ago

congrats! cool concept! simple different and cool!

jemga 2 years ago

Thanks for checking it out :)

MWhite 2 years ago

fuck yea a robot video won!

LGalea 2 years ago


Jemedy 2 years ago

Yeah also best wishes from us !!! Your video is a highlight :)

VisionaryCreator 2 years ago

Congratulations! Great vid!

RedHawk 2 years ago

ahhh, congratulations on the win! i predicted it early on in the contest, and sure enough, you won :) well deserved, this is an incredible and very professional video!

jemga 2 years ago

Haha, cheers RedHawk!

RedHawk 2 years ago

please update us all when you know the date and time of your MTV premier and where we can watch it on line! i'd love to be there with you in spirit.... so awesome!

TomChesterW 2 years ago

Congratulation. You made a great job.

snakefighter 2 years ago

I like the graphics you used in this video, very Iron man like =) I was kinda hoping that this was going to lead into using your battle bot in the competition that was shown on the tv. That would have been cool.

jemga 2 years ago

That would be cool. There's always the sequel.

Pauline GØASMAT 2 years ago

very good job !

jemga 2 years ago

thanks for checking it out! glad you enjoyed it :)

Laerte Késsimos 2 years ago

this one!!!!! best one

jemga 2 years ago

Thanks so much Laerte - I enjoyed your Keane video a lot :)

JCStreetSoldier 2 years ago

After watching all the vids, I still think that this one does the best at using the original music video in an off-handed, almost nonchalant way. Whereas, CapitalF's music video (currently number 2 with the most "likes") does the best job at making a music video without using any of the LP footage. And I think StriketoBurn--which is #6 or #7 with the most "likes"--does the best job having an equal blend of original footage and LP footage. I guess it depends on what LP is looking for. But this video proves that Facebook "likes" don't mean anything. And I think so few LP contestants have liked your video is because the ones that haven't liked your video probably feel like you're competition. Once again, good job.

Maruko 2 years ago

My favorite! After seeing this, I gave up on uploading my re-edited version of original video :) I REALLY and honestly hope you are going to win!

jemga 2 years ago

Wow, thanks Maruko! So glad you enjoyed it :)

SteveClark 2 years ago

The use of 3D animation is quite astonishing and the youngster does know how to act , yet may I say that I felt it was a bit off topic , considering the fact that in the original video , the last seconds show us the members of Linkin Park on fire , hence giving us a notion that there should be some play in fire and what not ... Yet I still say the work is great !

jemga 2 years ago

Thanks for checking it out. Alex is a great little actor and very fun to work with. The story was written especially for the song, and of course in competitions such as this, multiple ideas and visions will be screened. That's the beauty of it, so many creative videos to look at! I took a less literal approach with this. The idea of 'burning down' to me didn't represent fire, but the idea of creating and destroying icons in the media. So I thought it would be fun to take a futuristic look at that, and use the idea of a robot game show! Thanks again for your comments and taking the time. I'm very lucky to work with the people I do, and it was great to incorporate 3D into a video. I enjoyed the process.

CapitalF 2 years ago

Cool video Jemga :). Check out the video on my page and let me know what you think!

jemga 2 years ago

Thanks so much CapitalF. Nice video indeed, very well done! :)

Safi 2 years ago

Love it! One of the greatest! Congratulation! 1 hour and I will put mine! :) Nice job!

jemga 2 years ago

Thank you Safi! Much appreciated :)

JCStreetSoldier 2 years ago

This is the equivalent of LeBron James playing against a bunch of little kids. I also think that winning 3K from the Ringo Starr challenge helped out this filmmaker, but what do I know. So far this is the best video. But, it's a little too good. I'd expect this kind of work for a 15K to 20K grandprize. But for 5K, lol, it's like a nuclear scientist that wants a part time job at Walmart, and hence gets the job over someone that actually needs the money (to improve their productions). lol. However . . . out of all the entries so far, I'd say this actually deserves it the most and you can tell that the video was built upon the lyrics of the song; it's not a bunch of teenagers throwing fireworks or someone who just took some go-pro shots and segments of their professional demo reel and tried to make it fit into the music video (and I'm referring to the 2 music videos that have the most likes). So, with that being said, Good job.

jemga 2 years ago

Thanks for your comments. Saying this looks like a 20k budget is a compliment indeed. We had no budget, just a lot of passion and commitment went into it from a team trying to break into the music video world!

otazka 2 years ago

Very professional work as photography, editing, animation and effects.
Although I do not feel too the relationship between the lyrics and your story, but I like this video.
Good luck in the competition and in your further work ;-)

Boopology 2 years ago

thanks for this video... i just lost my chances of winning... haha YOU are amazing.. oh my God... this is so good...

jemga 2 years ago

Wow thanks Boopology! Is your entry up? I'll check it out now :)

Boopology 2 years ago

haha you don't wanna do that.. i'm very amateur! i just learned all the effects thingy the day before yesterday... :( my video is pathetic.. hahaha still gonna upload it, but i'm gonna say this again, you are amazing...

RedHawk 2 years ago

i think this is incredible! the concept, the quality, i see a total connection to the music! i predict, a winner... just my opinion :)

jemga 2 years ago

Wow thanks RedHawk! Your animated stills are awesome!

David Ostentatious 2 years ago

Totally love this.

jemga 2 years ago

Cheers Crimsoneye! :D

Phenylizotiocianat 2 years ago

Damn good actor! Little Tony Stark's story. Very professional!

Triple G Trinity 2 years ago

Haha. Agreed! But could someone tell me the video's connection to the music? Though very cool use of the screens to have the original music video playing to.

Lucyola 2 years ago


jking12 2 years ago

This one is by far the best. Great visuals. Good luck and I hope to see this on MTV.