James Brown - It's a Man's Man's Man's World by xfauthoux | Genero.tv

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James Brown is a force of nature, a gift from heaven.
He invented funk, but it was a symbol of freedom and success for millions of black American in combat for their civic rights, who saw him as a source of hope and pride.
I tried to describe the richness of his life.
I hope your like this video music.


Directed by Xavier FAUTHOUX
Editing by Adrien Deleule
Character Design : Thomas Buron & Liza Lussiez
Compositing & VFX : SKULL & Martial Coulon
CGI : Charles Blanchard & Clément Domergue
Concept Art : Alexandre Tissot
Backgrounds : Tristan Mercier & Marion Brunetto
Animation 2D : Milan Starcevic, Mathieu Fouchier, Marion Brunetto
Producer : Xavier Fauthoux
Production : Shoot The Boss


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realmusiq2014 4 months ago


OlegLitvin 5 months ago

Excelent, simply loved it. Respect.

xfauthoux 5 months ago

Thank you

robin.carbone.775 8 months ago

it was very good, the way he grew up, about hi life, ,the funk, the soul, lives on forever.

Karl 8 months ago

1M views on YouTube! Congrats, Xavier!

xfauthoux 8 months ago

Thank you Karl

123 Music Now VideoZine 11 months ago

really great video i've reposted it to 123 Music Now VideoZine http://123musicnow.com/mans-mans-mans-world-animation-xfauthoux/

The Hips 1 year ago

Amazing work! What a pleasure to watch such creativity in motion. Thank you!

Soul Machine 1 year ago

I'm NO Film maker, but I do know when Mr. James Brown is rep. I'm right their. Thanks for the short film story it is very moving. I'm a Mr. James Brown Biggest Fan, if you only knew. Thanks Again!

The Sitting Hun 1 year ago

People like you inspire me to pursue filmmaking. If I ever do anything with my filmmaking aspirations, it'll be because of videos like this and filmmakers like yourself. A very moving video, and I can't show you enough appreciation for making it.

denise.belfon 1 year ago

I Love it !!!

harold.chernofsky 1 year ago


richard.hanooman 2 years ago

This is fantastic!!!

baronette 2 years ago


baronette 2 years ago

belle epoque

electricpalmtrees 2 years ago

what a masterpiece Xavier!!!! very nicely done

Carmimd54 2 years ago

wow.....really incredible.....nice

Ödalis Melvai 2 years ago

Very descriptive! Excellent video! Absolutely love it

Magnus_no 2 years ago

Incredible! One of the best, I have seen on this website! you ve got it! good luck to ur further projects Xavier!

Slash 2 years ago

great style.

flixfair 2 years ago

Waow, only caught that one now, well worth it ! Emotions are transpiring so well through amazing VFX, graphics and narrative. Great work !

Earned Luck Films 2 years ago

Love that I lost to this! It's amazing, great F@cking Job! From the animation to edits spot on guys!

camiloR 2 years ago

Congratulations! great job, totally deserved the prize!

Camila Ohara Tanabe 2 years ago

Wow! It's beautiful, has depth, incredible.

Earned Luck Films 2 years ago

One of the only videos that truly had any soul. Dope as f$ck. Great job!

1308 films 2 years ago

Whoa, hard to compete against animation. Well done.

Earned Luck Films 2 years ago

Its normally easy to compete against animation, its hard to compete against such an awesome video.

Boopology 2 years ago

one of my favorites..:)

Newton's Apple 2 years ago

amazing! You made me cry man even if there were no woman in your video.

mathewjamesusa1 2 years ago

Very Nice. This Video should be in the top 5 for sure

Safi 2 years ago

Beautiful, amazing!

EWP913 2 years ago

Amazing! You captured the soul of the song and provided a beautiful image of James. Ienjoyed the historical references as well. Well done!

xfauthoux 2 years ago


Cave Left 2 years ago

Very impressed that you were able to do this much work in the contest period! Love the illustration style and movement between the various scenarios and his performance. Congratulations... I'm rooting for you!

xfauthoux 2 years ago

thank you :-)

Unwelcome Human Films 2 years ago

Mightily impressive... Got to be a winner...

joses.martin 2 years ago

this ones my favourite. hope you win bro. Skillz

xfauthoux 2 years ago

Thank you for your comment

--JB-- 2 years ago

Bravo !! super boulot ! Encore !!!

exigent 2 years ago


Olim 2 years ago

C'est la bete...no1 pour moi

Christian Letruria 2 years ago

stunning work, compliment de l'Italie.

kvs 2 years ago

This is fantastic! Wonderful work.

Quinn 2 years ago

Amazing. That shot of the bullet and the runner is wonderful.