Mona - Lean Into The Fall by Tall Man Short man Films |

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A film about love, loss and moving on.


Jessica Johnson - The Girl
David Graham Ward - The Boy

Chris Bailey - Writer/Director
Jamie Korn - Writer/Cinematographer
Holly Rosenthal - Costume Design

Thank you to Nick Greenwood and the Greenwood family and Paul Heaton for their help and trust.


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Nick Vallelonga 2 years ago

Great work.

sidalaa 3 years ago

WOW!!! This is fits the song so perfectly!!!! Have you won?

AJRutter 3 years ago

Great job guys

Lucy Sala 3 years ago

Happy to see 3 odf my 4 favorites on the final congrats!!!

operacinetica 3 years ago

Very nice work and great look, also beautiful actors faces and settings. I like the ceaseless running, it's a powerfull metaphor of relationship, bad or good doesn't matters. Keep Up the great work.

Tall Man Short man Films 3 years ago

Karim, such a compliment from such a visionary genius as yourself. Your work is fantastic. Thanks for the kind words. Fingers crossed.

Lucy Sala 3 years ago

For me it seems a spin off of "TO BUILD A HOME" from The Cinematic Orchestra, for me thats good and nice!
But I read "Fantastic grading" "great photography", well it is basic look and easy cinematography, including the selection of shoots.

Carmichael 3 years ago

I love that video, so to be compared in any which way is a compliment! I hope we've captured some of the passion that is shown in that video, which is a much more linear interpretation of the story we're telling. Thank you.

It is definitely not complex cinematography, you're right. I would say in parts it is beautiful though, as it captures the mood and the drama in a nice little way.

My cinematography influences are Lol Crawley (Ballast, Jade), Robbie Ryan (Fishtank, Wasp) and Matthew Libiteque's more recent work for Darren Aaronofski (The Wrestler, Black Swan), so hopefully I've translated a little bit of my influences onto this piece.Thank you for your comment Lucy I hope you enjoyed it.

Lucy Sala 3 years ago

For me is always a pleasure to see this kind of DP work. You remember me too Crawley, Libiteque cinematography trend to be more "hard" in this two movies. For me your DP work with: Alexander_Oph, Filipe Pita, Ferran Brooks & Swing are over the top.

Lucy Sala 3 years ago

Sometimes the more "easy" is the most "hard"

Lucy Sala 3 years ago

Thanks for your work!

Chillbox 3 years ago

Fantastic grading. Was this the 5D?

William Scott-Johnson 3 years ago

Nicely shot and acted.

Tall Man Short man Films 3 years ago

Hey Chillbox. There was no grading, it's all in camera, we shot and edited all in one day, so sadly no time for that. We shot on the 7D. Thank you for your comment though, it's even more of a compliment. Thanks for watching William, very good of you to say.

cinemelly1989 3 years ago

well shot and great acting!

Tall Man Short man Films 3 years ago

Thanks for the support guys. Fingers crossed, there's a lot of talent as always on this site.

andylittle45 3 years ago


Kalliope-Amorphous 3 years ago

Really beautiful and lots of honest emotion. Love the cool color tones too.

juane 3 years ago

So far...for me you are the winner! Great photography, direction, cast, location. Really honest. You have nailed the mood of the song. Congrats!

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