Bombay Bicycle Club - Lights Out, Words Gone by Row and Jack |

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a summer experience...

Directed, shot and cut by Josh Wroe

Filmed on location in Mallorca, Spain 2011


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BRolstad 1 year ago

So mesmerizing and upbeat. I was waiting for the dispair to show up. Beautiful work.

CapitalF 2 years ago

If there was any justice, this video would've won

Row and Jack 2 years ago

thanks dude!

pub 2 years ago

i like the under water camera, this is really good!

countryb 3 years ago

What a bunch of good looking people

TMarch 3 years ago

over 90% of the reason i like this song is because of this video u've made. imo, u are the real winner, congratz

Row and Jack 3 years ago

thanks is a great song by some great artists either way!

Ax 3 years ago

Great working with you Josh, love the concept, the way it´s shot and I wish you all the best with it!

day 3 years ago

beautifully shot! the point of view perspective is great and i love the unexpected twist at the end! Can´t stop watching it again and again!!!

Matei 3 years ago

love the underwater shots and the girl looks fit and healthy