Aimee Allen - Calling The Maker (Sweatshop remix) by operacinetica |

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Society celebrates everything that cannot be explained, forgetting the importance of human roots and his relationship with natural environment.

Realized by femto²

Filmed inside Ostia Antica's village and countryside (Rome).
All actors were found on site during location scouting.
All crew members are friends who worked together on the project.


The Girl: Elena Mastrogregori
The Biker: Mario Manni (and his Moto Guzzi)
The Priest: Paolo Arca

Walk-On Actors:

Giuseppe Congiu
Alessandro Fiorentino
Federico Celli
Rosanna Gorini
Aurora Viglione
Mary Heys
Patrizia Battaglia
Giuseppe Viglione
Elisa Spani
Maria Antonietta Gorini
Francesco Badolato
Jacopo di Fazio
Cristina Spinetti

Special Thanks To:
Mary Aheys
Richard Ronan
Alessandro Marcenta
Giovanni Troilo
and all the participants.


Directors and DOP: Lorenzo Gorini & Marco Waldis
Director Assistant: Cristina Spinetti
Camera Operators: Lorenzo Gorini, Marco Waldis, Cristina La Rocca
Production Coordinator: Flavio Basso
Production Assistant: Pierpaolo Palermo, Mattia Lombardo
Styling: Angelica Torelli
Still Photographer: Alessandro Fiorentino



The Girl wears:
Long dresses TREBITSCH Fw 2012 , shirt
SHIELD woman fw 2012;

Walk-On actors are wearing:
Black chiffon blouse pleated on breast SHIELD woman fw 2012, mini
skirt in black velvet VIVETTA fw 2010;
Black crepe mini dress BEEQUEEN by Chicca Lualdi fw 2012;

Other walk-on figurants wearing:
vintage archives.


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refuselab 2 years ago

Complimenti! Bel video!

IfiBaBa 2 years ago

Very nice work. What camera did you use? and how long did it take you to shoot this

Marco Waldis 2 years ago

2 days with a 5D

decknail 2 years ago

DIDISH.REC 3 years ago

very nice one !!

A.Siegel 3 years ago

Which camera did you shoot this on? The visuals are truly fantastic.

operacinetica 3 years ago

it's a 5d mate

BrooklynValley 3 years ago

Great art direction and cinematography! Congrats

zubbizabbi 3 years ago


operacinetica 3 years ago

thank you zubbi

Risca 3 years ago

é bello forte!!!

operacinetica 3 years ago

volevamo che lasciamo il segno..... :)

operacinetica 3 years ago

pure il commento è sgrammatica

Puna 3 years ago

love it

operacinetica 3 years ago


Andrei Oprescu 3 years ago


operacinetica 3 years ago

grazie, bravi in realtà !

operacinetica 3 years ago

Hi every one, we'd like to thank everybody for their kind words and compliments.
We're obviously very happy to be the winners, and honored to have competed with you. Hope we'll meet again in the next competitions. Keep up your work and have a nice day!

jethromassey 3 years ago

Congratulations Femto! A very beautiful film, and very much a deserving winner...

Lucario 3 years ago

Well deserved win

Beer_e 3 years ago

I had seen your video and I did thought it could win, congratulations!!!

tomgold 3 years ago

congrats guy!!!
im from the temek video and even though it is a bummer to not have had won, im very pleased that you guys did, if not us. your video clip is great and at a very high standard. im honored to have competed with you and would like to wish you again congratulations and keep up the great work.

operacinetica 3 years ago

Hi tomgold (and temek as well) thank you, we're pleased to hear such great words, and honored to have competed with you as well. Keep up the great work you too!

noto37 3 years ago

Palmathan, Thank you for compliment.

noto37 3 years ago

Ingenious! Whole village and countryside surroundings - footage. Motorcycle dirtroad. Loved girl jumping out of box and running - especially through Red Poppy field ( lens change fantastic ) wandering - lies down, fingers, gently touching cracked soil ( love dirt ) and eyes shut hoping to obtaining rest!

AimeeAllen 3 years ago

This video has heart and has soul...... thank you for making me feel something when I saw this. Thank you for sharing this. Your actors are amazing!!!

Krustyna 3 years ago

Wow! Love this concept (cool description) and this video. And I think that "All actors were found on site during location scouting" is a good way to work. That atmosphere makes me thrill...

Andrew Pearce 3 years ago

Beautiful, I love this video! The cinematography, the concept and the performances were brilliant! What lens did you shoot this on, the shots are quite wide but have beautiful depth of field.

Marco Waldis 3 years ago

Hi Andy, and thank you. We've shooted using only some old nikon lenses with a very bright aperture. They give a wonderfull atmosphere.

Marco Waldis 3 years ago

it's quite strange, we're also wondering how it's possible

DavfilmFX 3 years ago you have more likes than views?

lorenzogorini 3 years ago

I really don't know, that's pretty weird. We'll try to ask Genero why it's happening...

operacinetica 3 years ago

We've just sent a message to's staff. We hope in a fast response to asnwer this question. Thank you for the notice.

Genero 3 years ago

Hi Guys. It's because you can like it via Facebook without playing the video on Genero.

jethromassey 3 years ago

I think you can also like it multiple times if it's posted in multiple places - so if you have 20 friends that repost the film, you can vote for it 20 times, I think this might be another pretty flawed voting system...

edocast 3 years ago

Finally something different!! Sooo cool!!

bbc 3 years ago

very interesting work! nice atmosphere, good luck guys!!

tomgold 3 years ago

hello, we are competing one against the other, i am from the "temek" video. i have to say, amazing work. great concept, great cinematography, and an over all great balance. its a pleasure to contend against such work. good luck..

temek 3 years ago

hey, I totally agree with Tom, amazing camera work! good luck

Marco Waldis 3 years ago

thanks to you guys, it's a pleasure for us. good luck for your great video!

Massimo Balloi 3 years ago

Very very good very Nature..realistic..:)

Chanbella 3 years ago

nothing to say..just awesome! the best in this contest! i hope you'll win guys!

knes 3 years ago

Wow! That's cool.