Aimee Allen - Calling The Maker (Sweatshop remix) by Nino Del Padre |
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Director/ DP/ Editor/ VFX and color grading - Nino Del Padre


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diana.fischer.71 1 year ago

Ich Denke das Video ist zu Künstlerisch für die breite Masse, die wollen nur berieselt werden

noto37 3 years ago

Love wicked! eyes & mask, black and white switch to color timing perfect! idea I think - main focus on eyes, they view god as having dark powers good and evil only neither it's beyond - see as light all around our natural univerise :) and made woman as judge stating you have right to choice and male mute figure.

AimeeAllen 3 years ago

WOW!!! VERY POWERFUL! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS! It gave me chills throughout my whole body. I loved how she pointed the finger in the end. Amazing heart, soul and visuals. Thank you so much for sharing this!

Thor487 3 years ago

I really enjoyed this video. I liked how they represented Heaven's side with a strong female judge who was both dark looking but had the white mask to represent purity. The judge on that day needs to be somewhat dark because of what fate awaits the decision but only the pure could cast that fate. I do have to say that this judge was eerie and sexy and wonder if that was done on purpose as well. The undertaker did seem like he was enjoying his job too much. Great job to all.

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