By J.Lowe
United States

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Here is my video for Runway Runaway.


Written and Directed by J.Lowe

Director of Photography: Jason Roark
Colorist: David Jahns
Editing: Alyssa Coates, J.Lowe
Drawings: Susan Sullivan
Graphic design elements: Mike Weihs, Ademar Matinian
Emily Fincher's hair: Donna Parzych
Makeup: Bernadette Spear

Introducing Anabelle Jukkala

featuring Elizabeth Dye, Heather Treadway, Montea Robinson, Kevin Moyer, Zia McCabe, Mike Weihs, Marni Beardsley, Victoria Krueger,
Dylan Saito, Emily Fincher, Mindy Helmer, Leah Jacobson, Susan Sullivan, Blake Neiman-Davis and more.

Locations provided by Byways Cafe, Tupelo Alley, and Wieden+Kennedy.

Special Thanks to Blue Hour, Chris Larson, George Lewis, Jennifer Smieja, Jinnina Chiles, Michael Daigle, Bernadette Spear, Patty Brebner, Peter Wiedensmith, Rosario and Luke Jukkala and everyone who helped bring it to life.

Shot in Portland, Oregon in Feb 2011


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