Duran Duran - All You Need Is Now by ian_gilbo | Genero.tv

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Shot on lacation in the beautiful Lake District in Cumbria, the story follows a mysterious stranger as he wanders through nature on his quest to survey the beauty all around him. Is this man a simple wandering soul, or is there more to him than meets the eye?
In a world of technology, all he needs is nature... All you need is now!


Shot, Directed & Edited by Ian Gilbertson
Produced by Stephen Atherton & Ian Gilberson

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Sanhedralite 4 years ago

Well, fun to watch a Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen type of God walking his country, checking the colours , the textures, the place of rocks, tasting if the water is good. He looks pretty pleased with himself. And so he should. This feels more like a promotional video for the Lake District though. Maybe you should send it to their Tourism Office!

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