Royksopp - Forsaken Cowboy by Matt Phantom |

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This is one of those characters you get in every city. Our experience of them is usually just fleeting. I often wonder what happens in their day.

Thanks to Cowboy Chris for allowing me to film him for the day.

//Watch in HD//

Shot and Directed by: Matt Phantom Callanan


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SynU 1 year ago

i love it!

MDN 4 years ago

Great work!

scottosan 4 years ago

hey good work on the win dude

ianpahute 4 years ago

A well desired win!

MikeAmin 4 years ago

Congrats dude! Thanks for the support - hopefully you'll attend the BUG event and celebrate for both of us!

jethromassey 4 years ago

Congratulations Matt! Great work, well deserved!

temek 4 years ago

cool photography work

EmMMA 4 years ago

impressive bio, genero portfolio & another good one

Matt Phantom 4 years ago

Thanks. Do you make movies?

ianpahute 4 years ago

Loved it. I want a sheriffs badge :-)

Matt Phantom 4 years ago

Thanks! Apparently it's a pretty tricky course you have to go on to get a badge.

Quinn 4 years ago

That final shot is gorgeous. Fantastic use of color here.

Matt Phantom 4 years ago

Thanks! That's good timing with British Weather. Wish I lived in LA or Oz which might make external scenes a bit easier.

NeilD 4 years ago

Hi Matt, thanks for your nice comments on our video (Senior Living the Korean one). I've enjoyed your work too. The chopper brought back some nice memories. Really nice portrayal of a character that doesn't follow the herd. Best of luck for the finals.

Matt Phantom 4 years ago

Glad your liking my work - yours is an exceptional standard. Hats off!

kev d 4 years ago

quality - lovely story with choppers and sherbert - good movie.

Matt Phantom 4 years ago

Thanks, the chopper is legendary piece of bikeage.

imogen thomas 4 years ago

i really enjoyed this. Goes really well with one of my fav tracks from this album. A funny but sometimes sad story = voted

Matt Phantom 4 years ago

Thanks Imogen. Glad you enjoyed.

Rphilip 4 years ago

A really enjoyable watch!

Matt Phantom 4 years ago

Thanks :)

Saully 4 years ago

Excellent vid. One question - is this guy for real?

Matt Phantom 4 years ago

Thanks & yes

richy hall 4 years ago

Love it. Great character and colours. Like your cheeky homour too

Matt Phantom 4 years ago

Thanks. Glad people are picking on the subtle humour

Matt Phantom 4 years ago

Make sure you what in HD (top right button). And enjoy :)

Matt Phantom 4 years ago

Enjoy and watch in HD :)