Royksopp - ...And The Forest Began To Sing by Alex Webb |

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"The sky grew darker, painted blue on blue, one stroke at a time, into deeper and deeper shades of night."
— Haruki Murakami (Dance, Dance, Dance)


Photography / Editor / Director: Alex Webb
Butoh Performer and Choreographer: Tomomi Kaida

Filmed in Iwakura, Kyoto, Japan.


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Matthew Pitcher 2 years ago

Outstanding cinematography! Very eerie interpretation of the first track from this record from Royksopp. I love your use of white (on the actor) and the light glowing through the forest. I absolutely love this mysterious video - congratulations on an outstanding entry.

TimeBreakPictures 4 years ago

Great cinematography! ... which camera did you use?

Alex Webb 4 years ago

Thanks so much. Lumix GH1 + kit lens.

MarkAndrushko 4 years ago

Great job...what software program did you use to edit?

Mr.Simon 4 years ago

"A trip for the mind". Love it.

ianpahute 4 years ago

Wow! You could feel the textures in that. The burn of the snow, the rough of the bark. Gorgeous!

undervale 4 years ago


Alex Webb 4 years ago

Glad you like it!

Dimitris JimmyBoy Argyriou 4 years ago

nice video!congrats!

Alex Webb 4 years ago

cheers mate :)

Alex Webb 4 years ago


timhalliday 4 years ago

Very nice. Liked the camera movement and good use of light. Congratualtions

Alex Webb 4 years ago

much appreciated tim!

ntw923 4 years ago

I have no idea how I missed this video in the first round - It's amazing! Combines two of my favourite things Royksopp & Haruki Murakami - It's enchanting, beguiling, pure bliss...

Alex Webb 4 years ago

thanks so much!

Irem Atalay 4 years ago


Alex Webb 4 years ago

thanks mate! i just watched your vid - love the concept and visuals! voted!

Charles-Antoine Depardon 4 years ago

Amazing ! The best video so far.
Great shots , Great acting , Great Light , Great Forest , Great Video !!!
Give me a call for more projects : 08038288036
I m looking for talented people

Federico Anastasi 4 years ago

Very good quality. Very Royksopp.

Alex Webb 4 years ago

much appreciated Federico!

Alhodgson 4 years ago

So good Alex, amazing cinematography.

lluismiras 4 years ago

Really nice, i like the camera movements!!

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