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We are not always born the beast, for sometimes we must to create him.


Travis Betz - Director/Actor/Editor
Shannon Hourigan - Cinematographer/Girl in Bed


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SuperEd86 4 years ago

Fuckin awesome!

MikeFromCA 4 years ago

I thought this was the actual music video for this song. It went along perfectly to the song...exactly how I pictured the music video for this song would be. I loved this. Kept my attention the entire time, gave me this dark feeling, kept me at the edge of my seat. Couldn't have asked for a better music video. 3 thumbs up from a mutant hand

PuppyZwolle 4 years ago

It works like a charm. Love how you took your time. Very nice indeed.

SachaMartins 4 years ago

"I am a dangerously unhinged bastard. "

And you probably failed to the Bachelor of Dental Surgery... So did John Schlesinger...

brockbaker 4 years ago

I Love it!!! Great work.

zapata 4 years ago

I Like it!!! good work.

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