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We discovered the competition 11 days prior to deadline, which was very frustrating. We felt that it would be impossible to create for David Lynch, a music video living up to the standards of what we wanted to accomplish.

After spending an appropriate amount of time Smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee & listening to the song, We created a basic concept for the video, that we felt related to the song's message.
Then we began pulling at our resources.

13/12-2010 We began preproduction, 7 days prior to deadline.

We discovered we had a lot of talented people willing to help us, on a project they barely knew anything about!! We owe those people a great deal of thanks, For without them there would have been no video.

We shot the film in three days, on several locations, in the adversity of hardcore winter, police, tear gas, riots & constant delays. & only 12 hours to edit & upload the film.

All worth it for the chance to have our great hero Mr. David Lynch, view our visual take on his music, with his very own eyes.

Technical Info:

Canon 7D,
50 fps, slowdown to 25 fps in the time-line.
No colour-correction raw footage.

2000 W, Spot


Blonde woman - Sidsel Grubbe

Brunette woman - Nanna Lyhne

Singer - Miss Fish

Photography - Marco Ponti

Director - Marco Ponti/Niklas Wrona

Writer - Niklas Wrona

Styling - Kiva Brynaa

Make Up Artist - Gabriella Tipsa

Hair Stylist - Nicolas Grivaz

Thanks To:

Loppen, Christania.


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