David Lynch - Good Day Today by adod | Genero.tv
By adod

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A little boy is having dinner with his family.


Director: Arnold de Parscau

Cinematography: Antoine Bon, Jonathan Bertin

Actors: Elia Blanc, Jean-Christophe Bouvet, Brigitte Aubry, Sarah Barzyk.

First Assistant Director: Edouard Paoli
Camera Operators: Martin Keruzoré, Pierre Bouras
Make up SFX: David Scherer, Laurent Zupan
Make up: Mathilde Passeri


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8mmrun 1 year ago

THis definitely deserved to win. By far the best one.

THO+ 2 years ago

Superb!! check out mine; for MUSE, www.genero.tv/watch-video/34975

CameraOne 2 years ago

Wow. beautifully conceived & shot. what a comment on being human in this century.

denisk 2 years ago

Boy is this one hell of a video ride. A remarkable work, can hardly be forgotten and you've shown the shotgun in the first act.

Matthew Pitcher 2 years ago

Super disturbing music video for a song by my favourite all time director (David Lynch). I think Mr Lynch would be proud of this!! Congratulations on an excellent video - great theme, special effects, and flow.

Laerte Késsimos 2 years ago

very powerfull art film !!! congrats!!!

navinramaswaran 3 years ago

Very cool! Well deserved win.

JakeJillJohn 4 years ago

So Lynch!

MARINEM 2 years ago


JakeJillJohn 4 years ago

Something I find quite unsettling about this.. but I mean that in a positive way. Quite atmospheric and a little creepy!

Leo Horsfield 4 years ago

Great video, I love the aesthetic. Very well done.

blank entry 4 years ago

Wow. Love this-

Matei 4 years ago

take drugs

Cami 4 years ago

Edipico !!!! :)

kev d 4 years ago

This really is an exception film. Well deserved win

JCRZ 4 years ago

Un mot : bravo !

Perrier 4 years ago

Bravo Adod, et Bravo aussi à toute l'équipe. Votre clip très "Lynchien" dans l'esprit a une vraie identité, et un vrai univers. J'adore et j'espère découvrir très vite d'autres vidéos de toi. Très prometteur tout ça !

adod 4 years ago

Happy birthday Mr. David Lynch!

Maik 4 years ago

Nice juxtaposition with the music. Not what I would have imagined for this track, but it's awesome! great stuff.

Merlina 4 years ago

I thought this one would probably win out of the finalists, and it deserved to - still would have liked a less tragic ending but it's a good ironic contrast with the theme of the song. Felicitations.

AlexR 4 years ago

Absolutely WONDERFUL! Direction, acting, cinematography, editing - all great. You should be proud of this short film, my friend.

rol 4 years ago

muy bueno de verdad está captada la esencia de david lynch y sus mundos oníricos. hermoso trabajo. gracias por dejarme disfrutarlo.

Funkasaurus Rex 4 years ago

Right at the point ... the story is really good... and the perception of the music get better through it... it could have be from David Lynch himself... GREAT WORK... ADOD!

deemelinda 4 years ago

you have a bright future ahead of you. this is spectacular stuff. keep it going and all the best!

Kevin Park 4 years ago


Deano 4 years ago

STUNNINGLYAWESOME....... That is all

RachaelW 4 years ago

God that was good! Love your work.

MicheleBadiek 4 years ago

simply beautiful...great work!...you caught a big fish there ;)

Maxì Dejoie 4 years ago

Congratulations Arnaud! J'ai vraiment aimé! Je pourrai le voir plusuires fois, tres tres bien fait!

Anette 4 years ago

congratulations! I am so happy! You have been my number one !

avant-hard 4 years ago

ce est magnifique!!! congratulations!!

Bchill 4 years ago

cocorico !
Encore bravo, le clip est génial et va parfaitement bien avec la musique ! J'attends le prochain avec impatience

Vitùc 4 years ago

S U B L I M E ! ! !

...et félicitations.


adod 4 years ago

Thank you again. All these comments go straight to my heart. Everyone who worked on this project can be proud of what they did.

sarahwez 4 years ago

Great.... it kept me watching, every little bit. Great skills too..... Congratulations.

TimeBreakPictures 4 years ago

Congratulations!! It is well deserved!!

Eddie89 4 years ago

Amazing work, wether for the plot, the ambiance or for the photography. I was really thrilled bu The Ace Of Diamond, but I think this music video is your masterpiece so far. It matches perfectly with the lyrics of the song, the mood and the David Lynch's atmosphere.I'm really looking forward to seing more of your short movies. x

Mathurin 4 years ago

Félicitations ! C'est la création qui correspondait le mieux à mon sens, j'avais donc voté pour toi, et puis...je suis très heureux qu'un breton l'emporte. Bonne continuation ! Bonnes créations ! Bonne année.

Cosmicnights 4 years ago

Amazing video. NO wonder it won!

Erik Richard H. 4 years ago

La combination de la musique assez optimistique et de l'ambience d'un reve tragique... ca j'aime! La fin je trouve trop "dégouté" mais le reste est simplement super!

Mademoiselle Tracy 4 years ago

Un grand bravo, ta vidéo est vraiment super, très beau travail!!!


Excellent travail! Cette victoire est méritée. Bonne continuation.

MOC 4 years ago

Vraiment félicitations, oui. Une des très rares seules vidéos qui méritaient amplement de gagner. Tout y est soigné, et la narration y est fluide, et stylée, et possède sa propre logique métaphorique. Longue vie à votre boulot!

Kitenka 4 years ago

Bravo! Félicitations!

jethromassey 4 years ago

Congratulations! Great work!

adod 4 years ago

Thank you so much everyone!!! Thank you for all the words of encouragement. Thank you Genero, thank you my crew, thank you my friends, thank you my family, thank you Mister David Lynch. It is a such a GOOD DAY TODAY. I don't want to wake up.

Bloody Mary 4 years ago

Félicitations à vous tous, c'est du bon travail, digne de David Lynch ! A bientôt à l'ESRA pour déguster tes petits chef-d'oeuvres

François Paquay 4 years ago

Félicitations, jeune et talentueux ! C'est la seule vidéo pour laquelle j'avais voté. Où peut-on voir ton dernier court ? Le mien est en partie sur www.imagine-production.be
Encore bravo.

adod 4 years ago

Merci François! le court est visible ici http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xdwioy_the-ace-of-diamonds_shortfilms

joejoe 4 years ago

I can hardly believe we won. Thanks a lot for all your very nice encouragements and comments.
It pleases me, and so does Arnold I guess. Thanks to Antoine too, you did a great and helpful work.
Joe the cinematographer

hughmitton 4 years ago

such style, really awesome

Borat Sagdiyev 4 years ago

Wow good one! congratulations!

10221 4 years ago

glad to see this win - have a good day adod

Genero 4 years ago

Congratulations! Very well deserved and you're clearly very talented. All the best for the many years ahead and look forward to seeing more of your work.

SKFilms 4 years ago

Congratulations on winning! I really thought this oen was fabulous!

Kitenka 4 years ago

This video seems me to be the best for this song, because there is a dark poetry in it, whatever is the story.

rosita 4 years ago

l'image est superbe! beau boulot!

MOC 4 years ago

Good Mood Today... and great short movie. Go go and ...win!

adod 4 years ago

Thank you very much for those kind words :) Merry Christmas! Noyeux Joël à tous et merci pour votre soutien!

Johann Sorin 4 years ago

Enfin un réalisateur qui a quelque chose à dire ! Bravo. Tu as mon seul vote pour le moment ;-)

AMEBA 4 years ago

Wow what a magical yet nightmarish adventure! I love this!

KG 4 years ago

Impressive job ! The photography is amazing, actually. I vote this one.

elephantman 4 years ago

J'aime beaucoup l'idée, je trouve la réalisation un peu scolaire mais le résultat final est pas mal alors tu as mon vote. Bonne chance à toi.

RichParisWilson 4 years ago

Lynch by the way of Darko. Thought the craftsmanship here was brilliant. The mood, imagery and story are beautiful, and it's a tragic, corrupt piece that really stuck with me. I don't think it's particularly befitting of the song, but maybe that's the point? Or maybe that's what makes it so haunting... Either way, terrific job. Really strong work, inside or outside of this competition.

Please check out my late entry. Robots, Angels, and a burning London: http://genero.tv/view-submission/22338/

BKLFilms 4 years ago

sans aller dans une interprétation hasardeuse et beyond the beyond de ta video, je trouve que c'est vraiment un super clip et que tu dois avoir du matos de fou!!! bonne chance à toi

Merlina 4 years ago

I think this is and interesting interpretation of the song which clearly depicts the neglected child, and the dream sequence was effective. I found the image of the Dad quite scary! I was, however, disappointed with the ending - made me lose sympathy for the character.

Arizzz 4 years ago

Great vid.Loved it. Good luck

sophien 4 years ago

Well done!!!! I 'm impressed! You are definitively gifted!!!

Miah7 4 years ago


chromesean 4 years ago

gagnez vous , c'est meiller!!!! vous et tre tallentrous

Fixxos 4 years ago

C'est vrai que la lumière rend super bien ! J'imagine ce que ça va donner sur la pellicule...

b4al 4 years ago

Proud of our work

Antoine b.

Dethroner 4 years ago

very well made!

Olga TwiGHliGHt 4 years ago

“My son, my son, what have you done…” ;)))
Just a perfect work! I think the best for this song.

Just 2 words to the critic below: the Direction is perfect! Because the story moves in a parallel way: the real world and the “dark wonderland” of the boy with the gloomy projections of the reality which he wants to kill (like change) sand do in some metaphoric or a real way but being in some dreaming mood of just something else like boottrip with the family.

Rahbird 4 years ago

This video is totally astounding and I cannot praise it enough, however isn't it a little dark for David's sentiment? xx

adod 4 years ago

Thank you Rahbird! We'll see. I think it matches the lyrics. So tired of fearing, so tired of dark... He "wanna have a good day today". But eventually does he have it? It's not said...

adod 4 years ago

Thank you Rahbird! We'll see. I think it matches the lyrics. So tired of fearing, so tired of dark... He "wanna have a good day today". But eventually does he have it? It's not said...

miké huéon 4 years ago

Great work, félicitations, but Rahbird is maybe right there : a bit too much dark.
Song happy synthetizers.melodies / dancing rythm bring some hope to the lyrics (i guess)

10221 4 years ago

clearly the most accomplished piece of work on here...sublime - puts everything else in the shade

Eddiejones 4 years ago


10221 4 years ago

oh yeah
oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah

Eddiejones 4 years ago

concept and execution is done just fine...nothing new or original...naive and mean spirited like a spoiled child suffering anxiety in a middle class home. Pieces dont fit together as a whole by the end. But Mr. Lynch does have bad taste in video art...the pick for best experimental film @ the vimeo film festival was atrocious...and he got to judge that with three other lackeys...this will be the winner, no doubt. But i frown upon it and see a downhill.

adod 4 years ago

Thank you for offering me so much of your time to talk about my unachieved video. If you want an explanation about the ending, actually there is one. The murder is premeditated as soon as we see the mother suggesting a funeral wreath instead of a buoy for her son to save his family, calling for help. Then the imagined fireworks symbolize the shots at the end, which is a return to reality. Hope you like the ending now :)

kevha 4 years ago

well done adod

Eddiejones 4 years ago

I did get that on the first viewing...fairly obvious.

You dont need to justify your art.

I do not believe in the way your video to an extent, glamorizes parricide.

It stil doesn't answer where the little boy got the gun and I hope your not going to through the Freudian 'thing'...the ID inside the child stirs up the adult EGO to murder the SUPER EGO to save his family from moral decay...morally I don't like your story. The video doesn't flow naturally with the music...I think it would work better as your own personal short film. Not a music video.

Dark for dark sake, or weird for weird sake...work it with your own voice...as your hero would say.

I think the editing needed more time, its a decent first draft. Your talented kid, but young.

adod 4 years ago

Ok Eddie. Thanks. I guess we could make pages of this discussion. I think you're right I am not going to justify my self any longer. Anyway, I am not deciding who the winner will be. Neither are you. So let's wait. Let's hope. or not ;-)

Eddiejones 4 years ago

Thats the spirit kid!...i have respect for you and your work...your a good sport...good luck!

10221 4 years ago

'Your talented kid, but young' hey Eddie lets hope your filmaking isn't as cheesey as that

Eddiejones 4 years ago

I'm not a filmmaker...I'm a philosophy teacher of 'Don Bosco'...a university in El Salvador. I've been moving around for years.

Just'Powers 4 years ago

a votée!!! signé la Geuse

PS: je Kiffffff

Eddiejones 4 years ago

Nice cinematography, but...weak direction...the narrative is very fragmented and incoherent by the end. The little boy is on a boat and the short film just cuts to the dinner where the boy has a rifle and shot the father....

where did he get the rifle? why did he shoot the father? and what was the point of that???...I get that the little boy is upset with his family but why fantasize to kill your father...the story doesn't have the dramatic arch as lets say "the brothers Karamazov"...it felt like a spike Jones sketch cause it was lacking scenes to connect the pieces.

Was this made as a student short film at first??? and you then decided to cut the footage for this contest???

There are nice visuals...I can see a general crowd enjoying this piece. However, the direction and lack of concern with the narrative really made me cringe when watching. Just my opinion. Interesting attempt.

adod 4 years ago

Hey! Interesting to have a different opinion. This film was made for the clip. To answer you about the narrative, have a look at Eraserhead, or maybe INLAND EMPIRE ;-)

Eddiejones 4 years ago

Kudos, but the film grammar says otherwise...cheers.

Laborintus 4 years ago

Stunning! you got my vote!

adod 4 years ago

Thanks everybody! Shot with canon 5D and stuff borrowed from school

Marie maKilleuse 4 years ago

Wow, Arnold, you truly ARE good. And the photography director did an amazing job on the light, too... YOu got my vote ! Good job.

chinoix 4 years ago

Great work!. Epic production here for a student film. How much did it cost to get lighting, smoke machines, locations, actors, boat on a night storm, etc.? This is definitely worth more than 2000€

janjan 4 years ago

Strong and cruelly true to many, unfortunately.
+ suggestion for artist: you could have more votes if you change an image from dad's face to this little boy, main character...

LOW COST FILMES 4 years ago

amazing work, well done!

Fehraz 4 years ago

Astonishing video Arnold, well done! I'm curious what format you shot on?

jethromassey 4 years ago

Excellent video.

immi 4 years ago

My vote is yours

Alexis Barbosa 4 years ago

Very nice shots... Promising...

MerryVerso 4 years ago

Stunning clip, magical and haunting, congratulations!

Mick E 4 years ago

22? Wow you are SERIOUSLY talented! Great work!