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The Mou Mou Island


Jane Levy and Jaime Freitas


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googler 1 year ago

Another favorite of this site, superb work and atmosphere. The colors match the mood quite nicely.

Regards from Switzerland
Référencement Google Suisse

margretanne1974 1 year ago

Okay the comment here authored by "creepy Jane-obsessed stalkerish foot fetish dude" really? Um...if she read that she'd become repulsed and FLEE. So far as the video- interesting.

Ohp8 1 year ago

Jane is simply divine. Outrageously gorgeous. I recognized this fact the very moment I laid eyes on her for the first time when she made her first appearance on Shameless. I thought to myself, this girl is going to go very far in this business. Her beauty is truly extraordinary and I realize that maybe some will have a different opinion toward her. She is going to be an exciting star to watch as she is only in her early twenties. It's fun to watch a woman like Jane who possesses such great physical beauty, mature because I believe she is the type of actor that will get more lovely as she gets older. We have only seen the tip of the iceberg with Jane in terms of her talent and beauty. And artistically she is years ahead of her chronological age. Again, she's a very exciting woman that we are lucky to be able to view and appreciate at this very early stage of her career. Another interesting aspect is her youthful appearance. When Shameless first aired I had to google and fact check in order to obtain information regarding her age. She looks so young in some of her scenes and pictures. Regarding this particular video, I found it to be interesting and must have been fun for the two youthful lovebirds to create. They were in the beginning stages of marriage or a loving relationship and you can see it all over their faces. How deeply in love they are and how sexy Jane looks in her pantyhose and how much Jaime appears to enjoy and appreciate her beautiful legs as he kisses them. I noticed the cameraman or director took a lot of foot shots on both subjects. Anyway, I enjoy anything Jane appears in so I liked the video. I am also saddened by the news that I just read and which brought me to this site and that news of course being that the two are divorcing. It's difficult going into the video knowing that the two are divorcing or divorced. Actually it saddened me once the video got underway and I realized that the theme was relationship positive and so full of love and future possibilities. Let me sum up by again stating that I believe Jane Levy will be hugely successful and I express my condolences regarding the divorce and express my best wishes for both Jane and Jaime's future endeavors.

margretanne1974 1 year ago

um..creep out much dude?

EnemaBandito 1 year ago

I find this video irreconcilably different ...

Kenth32 4 years ago

That was beautiful. By far my favorite I have watched so far. Good luck!

JaneJaime 4 years ago

Thanks Kenth! Really appreciate it! Good luck to you too!

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