David Lynch - I Know by Vitùc | Genero.tv
By Vitùc

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Camera, script and edit by Vitùc & Hub
Cast: Grimmel, Elena, Yacke


Thank Genro,
Thank you Mister Lynch,
It was a wonderful little big adventure !


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niaphron 4 years ago

Waa c est enorme !! vous avez tourné avec quels materiels ?

Vitùc 4 years ago


adod 4 years ago

each frame of your video is a beautiful photograph

Vitùc 4 years ago

thank you adod....I appreciate !

continu comme ça ...ADOD!!!
ton clip est génial...je viens de le découvrir à l'instant...j'étais plutôt concentré sur l know dernièrement..
le message est pertinent !!!

joejoe 4 years ago

I love your style.
Very hypnotic.
Well done.

SKFilms 4 years ago

really nice work!

Worbz.com 4 years ago

AMAZING Video!!! We've shared it on Worbz.com!!! You're very talented. Congrats for being a finalist!!!! We hope you'll win.

Vitùc 4 years ago

Thank you I am very honored !

Kitenka 4 years ago

This video is the most beautiful (almost too much?), although - sorry if I'm pretentious saying that - I don't find anywhere, in this video or in another, one main feature of this song that makes it so complex & so strong, so moving (& not desperate).

Vitùc 4 years ago

Thanks for watching the video...and for your comment.
Kitenka...you are free to give a comment and you are not pretentious at all saying that...
I respect your vision...maybe you're right ...maybe you're not !?.. I don't know ?
I can only say that if I had to redo that clip...I would not change one single image...


Kitenka 4 years ago

OK, Vitùc, you followed your own inspiration & a kind of 'inner necessity', I think. Your video is beautiful, really... behalve the last sequence, that comes a little too late (related to the song) & is not necessary. Hope you'll win! (Don't know if & where I can vote?)

Vitùc 4 years ago

That's right Kitenka...I followed my own fish, the one who is important to me ...I simply tried to use my own voice...
Voting !? ..You don't need to vote...Mister Lynch will make his choice in a few days...
...He knows ! :-)


Kitenka 4 years ago

OK, we'll see then. Good luck, Vitùc!

Xanaé bove 4 years ago

Glad you got here Vituc! You're talented and original. And I agree with the Guy Maddin's touch suggested by Sacha and Tremulina

Vitùc 4 years ago

thank you, merci beaucoup !

Vitùc 4 years ago

thank you !!

tremulina 4 years ago

Guy Maddin and his perfect way of representing the neurology of memories, souvenirs. That's exactly what I thought when I saw it, without not even reading the comments. You've really got the talent for putting your stamp into a whole idea of cinema, an all that closes in the edition, the cinematography, the glimpses into somebody's memory. It's amazing you don't know Maddin because I would perfectly say he could make this. J'adore tellement! J'éspere que tu gagnes!
Et je te laisse un cousin de ta video.

SachaMartins 4 years ago

Nice to meet someone who knows and appreciates Guy Maddin, who is almost forget by young directors now... I also was surprised when Vitùc told me he has not ever seen any Maddin's movies. Their visual poetry are very similar...

Vitùc... I'm very happy to see you here, among the finalists and I hope this will be your "good fortune" adventure...

Vitùc 4 years ago

I want to thank you both for this positive critics !
I am honored being compared to someone like Maddin...that I discovered through SachaMartins. I watched the movie..link on You Tube ... and other stuff of Maddin....I love it ! Thank you SachaMartins ! That's sure..I will immerse myself soon in Maddin's films.
I love B & W films and I love playing with shadows, light and contrasts.
Regarding this clip I was of course inspired by D. Lynch's world but also by the song ...the words...the way of singing.
So we tried to imagine a small fragmented story, trying to find a way to the character's thoughts, his introspection. We wanted to symbolize... suffering, emptiness, abandonment, guilt, lack of communication, aggression, disorientation, the fragility of a soul,...the child who lives in us ... but we also wanted to highlight ... Hope!

Merci beaucoup !


dawnclover 4 years ago

I hope you win. I didn't vote for you before because I was in competition. But someone thought it'd be funny to rig my voting and now I'm disqualified. That being said, now that I'm out of the competition I really hope you win because I thought this video was brilliant since it was uploaded.

Good luck!

Vitùc 4 years ago

Thank you man !

Vitùc 4 years ago

I sincerely think that your clip is "une Oeuvre Visuelle" ...and you have got my vote !
I want to thank you for your comment... very direct,... interesting and informative.
I accept and respect your point of view.
I also want to add... that this is the first time we embarked on such an adventure.
The team put heart and soul in that work and we also had great pleasure and fun making this video.

I think that we all had the honor and the chance to realize a clip for Mister David Lynch through this competition.

This is for me..."Déjà une Victoire !" :-) Don't you think ?


Ps / No ... I never watched "Tales from the Gimli Hospital"

SachaMartins 4 years ago

So, if you don't know Maddin's movies, considering your obvious talent to shot images, you should put your hands on some of them ! You may dislike. But it will surely feed you. Especially "The Tales from Gimli Hospital".

"Déjà une victoire!" ? Well... I don't know until what extent David Lynch is involved in that contest. It’s said on the guidelines that David Lynch will watch “some” movies and that the winner’s work will have the opportunity to be used as promotional material. Honestly, it's of no importance for me. I did not make my movie for DL. But I have to thank GENERO.tv to have given me an alibi to finally get back on my workshop! To speak frankly, the very short format of music video is not really appropriate to what I really like to do. But to work under those specific constraints for 10 days was an unexpected delight.

I sincerely hope you won't wait for another contest to embark on another adventure.

SachaMartins 4 years ago

I’m not writing to you because you decided to post a nice comment on my own “Oeuvre Visuelle” but because I went on another site to watch your other works. An unsuspected backdoor to a “Nice to meet you” comment.

I have though about sending you my comments about your movie from the first time I saw it, a few days ago. The fact is that I’m a bit embarrassed with high contrast black and white movies because “I know” it always works to turn badly shoot colour-pictures into something elegant since you get rid of colours and greyscale details… Since the beginning of cinema, we’ve seen a lot of directors, from the best to the worst, taking that kind of path. You even often try to digitally reproduce emulsion film and old analogue devices flaws like “vignettage”. I have to say that I’m on the opposite side of the spectrum, trying to fully use digital movies particularities to produce movies that could have been impossible to make otherwise…

But I have to admit that, on the contrary of lot’s of people here [me included – even if, as I said down to your comment on my wall, it was on purpose], you really worked on your grammar [the way you edited your movie] ; even if there are, here and there, some typical music video gimmicks [dangerously confessing that I hate music video] which give an unpleasant sense of “déjà vu”, even if some chilling sequences do not seem to really match the mood/shade/tint of the song [the song is not half scary as your movie is], it finally makes sense. I also have to admit that your black and white imagery is sometimes sublime : the little girl front of the hay stacks, the naked trees, the hands hitting a wire fencing etc… Unforgettable…

So, a very interesting work. Just a though among others : even if it’s not really on a par with your cinema, have you ever watched Guy Maddin’s “Tales from the Gimli Hospital”?

willyvip 4 years ago

i know you rare the bestttttttttttttt

Vitùc 4 years ago

thank you man...but let the last word to master...David ...'cause...he knows !

paulsmith83 4 years ago

Great video, with an amazing atmosphere and ideas. Keep up the good work!

Vitùc 4 years ago

Thank you for watching ! and for the comment....:-)

Justinfresh 4 years ago

Creepy like the Ring video. I like it!

Vitùc 4 years ago

Thank you man..

Fgigot 4 years ago

Wow c'est super va bien avec le style de la chanson. Adore le clip noir et blanc.Vous aurez toutes vos chances.
De toute l'équipe

Vitùc 4 years ago

merci beaucoup...nous l'espérons également .

Donvoti 4 years ago

Wuauh....Shakira will contact you for her next video clip...Perfect job,verry strange,lynchlike....

Donvoti 4 years ago


Donvoti 4 years ago

very strange

Vitùc 4 years ago

thank you man !

Vitùc 4 years ago

very strange :-)

Marie V.Breton 4 years ago

les images sont vraiment belles, et correspondent vraiment bien avec l'ambiance de la musique. well done !

Vitùc 4 years ago

merci beaucoup marie ...:-)

Silenzio 4 years ago

ca a de la gueule. belles images, beau noir et blanc. Bravo!

Vitùc 4 years ago

merci !

costa 4 years ago

beh, se ci siamo rimasti noi...di sicuro anche il grande David Lynch;-)

Vitùc 4 years ago

vedremo...in tanto buone feste a tuttiiii

costa 4 years ago

video davvero pazzesco!!!! sono rimasta a bocca aperta;-) auguri an drecken daumen:-)

Vitùc 4 years ago

Grazie grazie grazie Costa....Spero che David rimane anche a bocca aperta :-) Vorrei talmente incontrarlo...noi ci crediamo.

tesstess 4 years ago

WHAT AN INSPIRATION! This is no doubt the best video I've seen. I hope you win :)

Vitùc 4 years ago

Thank you...I wish you good luck for your beautiful video,,

iceman 4 years ago

love the details

Vitùc 4 years ago

thank you Iceman !

FGKO 4 years ago

merci mec, il est top ton clip!
j'ai voté c'est mérité.

Vitùc 4 years ago

merci les mecs !...et bonne chance !

caleb vinson 4 years ago

Fantastic video my friend!! Pure ART!! Simply Amazing!! Have to watch it again!!
1 minute ago

Vitùc 4 years ago

Thank you very much Caleb !!

teo 4 years ago

Great Vitùc :D
One of the best videos I have ever seen.... Great work, superbe details, big love and endless feelings.
Thank you Boss :-P

Vitùc 4 years ago

Thank you very much Teo....I appreciate :-)

rasquith 4 years ago

Well done my friend, great video, beautiful B&W and the best edition. You're the Boss man.

Vitùc 4 years ago

Thank you !

Poels 4 years ago

Great Video Vitùc! Love the atmosphere, the images,... You got my vote!

Vitùc 4 years ago

thank you Poels ! :-)

rayles 4 years ago

Whoaw ! great quality ! shall i tell you "maestro" ?

Vitùc 4 years ago

We tried to do our best...thank you !!

Mick E 4 years ago

Beautiful. Love the spinning girl too!

Vitùc 4 years ago

thank you Maestro !

LEBRON 4 years ago

großartige Arbeit

Vitùc 4 years ago

Thank you LEBRON !

jrtallent 4 years ago

excellent... beautiful images... engaging, purposeful, grounded, sharp, confident. love the spinning girl. voted!

Vitùc 4 years ago

Thank you for voting ! :-)

caleb vinson 4 years ago

Fantastic video my friend!! Pure ART!! Simply Amazing!! Have to watch it again!!

Tony Silva 4 years ago

Beautiful and very cool work. What did you shoot it with?

Vitùc 4 years ago

thank you Tony...shot with 5D !

Tony Silva 4 years ago

Bravo! Good luck Vituc. Cheers from Tennessee.

Vitùc 4 years ago

thank you...cheers from Luxembourg