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By davids

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I know - David Lynch
Directed by David Shama


Edited by Mael Lenoir
thanks to Caporal Films

Annie Ã…kerman as "The Girl"


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arthermaure 2 years ago

awesome - showing body life...

euan 3 years ago


davids 4 years ago

Thanks for your support Karim!

davids 4 years ago

Thanks a lot to everyone!
If you vote, don't forget to click the confirmation link that will be sent to your e-mail! Thanks for the help!

The T.A.Z 4 years ago

tits and sinew! intriguing....

jrtallent 4 years ago

very good... I think the idea is well executed, understated... nice choice of imagery. the girl's performance is unforced, very nice.

Romina 4 years ago

Well done David, It's brilliant!
It's delicate, yet potent.
I feel the mood and the edit confront the song.
It's really successful.

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