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Project Results

Congratulations to the winner, Micah Buzan (USA), who receives $4,000!

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The Brief

The Flaming Lips are one of the most innovative and visually creative bands in the world, so this is a huge opportunity for filmmakers to make a music video for 'Look...The Sun Is Rising' from their new album The Terror - which will be released in the US on April 16th and in the UK on April 1st.

If you've listened to their music or seen The Flaming Lips play live, you'll know they always push the boundaries, so make sure you're extra creative with your videos!

Deadline for submissions is 13 May 2013, 23:59 GMT time.

Awards & Judging

The winner will receive $4,000 and the band will publish the video on their YouTube channel, website and social channels.

Outstanding videos will also be nominated for the 2013 Genero Awards

The winner and finalists will be chosen by The Flaming Lips and Genero.

Look... The Sun Is Rising

WAYNE: I know this is normally an optimistic statement: "look...the sun is rising!!"...but here, it signals the enemy...like the way a vampire dreads the dawn.

There is a time at 4 or 5 or 6 in the morning when, after you've been up all night, there is sense that you have escaped from your life...from your routines...from your responsibilities...but you don’t know it; you are just floating unaware of the fake freedom you are experiencing...and then you look over your shoulder and you catch a glimpse of the horrible solar rule - the rule that says, "a new day will come"...the rule that says, "time marches on".

We are, if we are lucky, obedient slaves to the wonderful sun... but, yeah...we are slaves...we owe everything to it...and we know we cannot escape it.

When the sun comes up, it means the world is awake again and that I must be awake again...awake again to the truths that the sun has taught us: that nothing lasts forever... that everything dies. But love can burn more brightly and more intensely despite knowing this.

It's a motherfucker...we love life even more when we know it is going from us...