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SCHMIDT wants you to make the music video for her new song SinCity! Be inspired by the song and let your creative vision flow!


With nearly 100 filmmakers from all over the world participating, the winners for the SinCity International Film Award are now announced!

SCHMIDT's debut EP, Above SinCity is out now on vinyl and CD. Produced by the legendary London based producer Guy Chambers (Robbie Williams, Kylie), you can listen to the tracks and get it here.

Shadowman ≫Women should be familiar with this phenomenon. It is about a man who is always at the back of one's mind. Sometimes, he behaves like a shadow: When you try to grab hold of him, he disappears. play

SinCity ≫The sinful city. It is also the soundtrack of a current international short-film contest. I live in London and in Berlin. They are my two sin cities. If you want to, you can make endless discoveries there. And for a song writer, there is so much to tell about life in a sin city, one song is barely enough... play

Boom Boom ≫I can still remember: I came to the studio in London and Guy Chambers welcomed me, he was in a jokey mood and we decided to write a funny song... Boom Boom turned out to be an unusually complex song, which from a musical standpoint is probably the most demanding of the whole EP. play

Under My Heart ≫A very important song for me. Probably the most personal song there is. I wrote it for a friend. I wanted to show him that I am thinking of him and that I am there for him and that he must never give up hope. play

Venus In Furs ≫This is the only cover song of the EP. It is a Velvet Underground song, a band without equals and which I hold in high regard. This is the first song about SM, based on the book "Venus im Pelz (Venus in Furs)" by Leopold von Sacher Masoch. For us, it mattered that musically, the song simply knocked us for six and we desperately wanted to add something of ourselves to it. play
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SCHMIDT, 21, is a young singer from Berlin, who was discovered by a big name in the music scene between London and LA: Guy Chambers. In SCHMIDT, he has found the modern young woman who embodies the new zeitgeist, which can today be felt in London, Berlin and in the big metropolises of the world.

London 2011 – a cocktail is electrifying the club scene: The ecstatic feeling of freedom of Berlin in the 1920s merges with Cabaret, New Burlesque and exciting new tunes. In London, the era of the Blue Angel is experiencing a revival in the style of young people, in the atmosphere of exclusive establishments and in champagne-fuelled, sinful nights. A trend originating directly from the current zeitgeist. And a young woman from today's Berlin is one of its protagonists - SCHMIDT.

With an understated "Hey, I’m SCHMIDT", the 21-year-old opened her stage debut in London at Guy Chamber`s “Orgasmatron”, a music event providing a stage for 21st Century Cabaret. Since then, the young artists has been moving around the London music scene, among others working with musicians at the legendary jazz club "Ronnie Scott's". Looking for a special sound: Jazz influenced pop, in a very own, authentic way. It inspired the music of the 1920s and today's attitude to life. Through cabaret, jazz, freedom and joie de vivre.

Music relating to the hidden desires of young women. Vulnerable but self-assured and demanding.

In her at times provocative and profound texts, SCHMIDT talks about joie-de-vivre and devotion, sung in an apparently innocent but at the same time experienced and lasciviously-demanding voice. She lives the free spirit of the lost epoch and breathes in the pulsating creativity of the two cities, in which her life is played out these days.

And she translates her inspirations and stories into a vesture of sound of the 21st century, together with Guy Chambers, her congenial "partner in crime".

Her EP "Above SinCity" with Warner Music will be released on the 21 October, providing an interesting insight into her debut album, which is due for release in February 2012.

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Project Winner
Korea, Republic of (South Korea)
3019 2 25
This is a collaborative work of NILS CLAUSS from CONTENTed and STUART HOWE from Studio163.

Hooked by the glamour of the city, the country-side is left behind. However upon arrival expectations are challenged by the sins of the city.

NOTE: Please switch to HD for better quality. Feel free to share on Facebook.
Project Winner
silvia bordin
6092 1 11
Director and Cinematographer: Silvia Bordin
Assistant and Editor: Nicola Santoro

The song inspired us a retrò mood, but we wanted to create something crazy.
So we decided to tell the story of illegal poker game in an underground location, like in prohibition age.
It is not an historical reconstruction but just something ironic!

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Michele Castellucci
United Kingdom
2516 1 7
Let me take you for a walk in SinCity


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