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Make the music video for
SinCity with a payment pool of €14,000

The Brief

SCHMIDT wants you to make the music video for her new song SinCity! Be inspired by the song and let your creative vision flow!


With nearly 100 filmmakers from all over the world participating, the winners for the SinCity International Film Award are now announced!

SCHMIDT's debut EP, Above SinCity is out now on vinyl and CD. Produced by the legendary London based producer Guy Chambers (Robbie Williams, Kylie), you can listen to the tracks and get it here.

Shadowman ≫Women should be familiar with this phenomenon. It is about a man who is always at the back of one's mind. Sometimes, he behaves like a shadow: When you try to grab hold of him, he disappears. play

SinCity ≫The sinful city. It is also the soundtrack of a current international short-film contest. I live in London and in Berlin. They are my two sin cities. If you want to, you can make endless discoveries there. And for a song writer, there is so much to tell about life in a sin city, one song is barely enough... play

Boom Boom ≫I can still remember: I came to the studio in London and Guy Chambers welcomed me, he was in a jokey mood and we decided to write a funny song... Boom Boom turned out to be an unusually complex song, which from a musical standpoint is probably the most demanding of the whole EP. play

Under My Heart ≫A very important song for me. Probably the most personal song there is. I wrote it for a friend. I wanted to show him that I am thinking of him and that I am there for him and that he must never give up hope. play

Venus In Furs ≫This is the only cover song of the EP. It is a Velvet Underground song, a band without equals and which I hold in high regard. This is the first song about SM, based on the book "Venus im Pelz (Venus in Furs)" by Leopold von Sacher Masoch. For us, it mattered that musically, the song simply knocked us for six and we desperately wanted to add something of ourselves to it. play
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