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We require a 60 second animated video to promote our data visualisation competition: DATA IS DELICIOUS. The first 30 seconds would be dedicated to explaining the importance of data visualisation (exciting visuals, statistics/quotes) and the second 30 with an overview of the competition (details below). The competition is the first of its kind in Australia, with the winner received an all-expenses paid trip to the Tableau conference in Seattle (competition details provided below).The competition is being presented by three companies (Datalicious, Veda and Inivio), each with completely different design styles, so it's not important to match. The competition should be presented as neutral to the brands. Ideally this would become an annual event that can stand on its own. We're looking for a creative design that's outside the box of traditional brand videos. We don't want to find a great filmmaker with their own unique style and force them to make a neutral brand video, we want to showcase your unique artistic vision . As reference, some great examples of branded videos here , but we want something unique. The animated work of Don Hertzfeldt is also well-liked across the agency. How you want to tell the story is up to you. Design concept and artistic direction more important to see rather than nailing video call-to-actions . We're really pushing for something unique. Video flow: The first 30 seconds should be dedicated to explaining the importance of data visualisation (exciting visuals, statistics/quotes). The second 30 should be an overview of the competition: - Introduce the "what": eg, the competition - "Why": top 3 entires present their viz to select industry and media personalities at exclusive awards night in Sydney - The winner gets an all-expenses paid trip to Tableau Conference in Las Vegas - "How": go to to get involved. You can see a landing pack mockup on the assets tab to get more of a feel for the competition. We'll work with the selected filmmaker to solidify the script and make sure the mandatories are clear.  

Audio Monsters - Come Through
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Shabz of Audio Monsters is very much informed by UK Garage and so it’s important for this to be reflected in this lyric video. The song 'Come Through' is not released, but listen to Trouble , and Audio Monsters Soundcloud page to get the vibe. The lyrics are attached below. We’re looking for something dark, slick and sexy whilst avoiding the clichés associated with some videos of this genre. It needs to feel more sophisticated and modern. (The artists would like some sort of smoke effects involved!) We would also like to somehow incorporate these masks, based on the Audio Monsters logo ( this is a still from his first video - Trouble ). Reference: Although these attached shots are all based around styling, it’s useful to get a feel what Shabz is into and some of them give a wider view on the look and feel of the UK Garage scene: (Dropbox). We like the vibe of this music video- . However, something simple could also work really well, open to suggestions, we are looking for something hot!Buzz words from the artist; Dark Sexy Slick Grimey Smoke coming out of lips Flashes of COME THROUGH Cut in with images of the AM mask lighting up Fashionable RnB/HipHop Trapstar Lyrics The song is not available yet- but is 2step garage with a female vocalist called Wolfie; Tell me how you've been Have I been on your mind Have you bin second guessing Was our decision right And we label this as friends cos we both don't have the time, To focus on our feelings while we focus on our grind and there's no need to pretend, straight money on our minds, Straight money on our, money on our, money on our minds. But Come through You know i'd like to see ya, i'll prove How it is i'm feeling i do, I wanna be up close to you, So lets do what were supposed to do baby Come through, Cos I've bin waiting for ya, There's things I wanna show ya I wanna get to know ya Show what i'm feeling for ya So Come through Come through (There's things I wanna show ya) Tell me how you've bin, I know its been a minute I've bin acting missing, beenn keeping shit consistent And them other lovers trippin' damn right were movin' different (damn right were movin' different) And love seems so overrated So were happy chillin' waitin' And if were strong enough we'll make it but our eyes bin on the payslip Were all about the payment lets reach our negotiations Come through You know id like to see you ill prove What it is I'm feeling I do (I do) I wanna be up close to you So lets do what were supposed to do Come through Come through Cos I've bin waitin' for ya There's things i wan'a show ya I wan'a get to know ya Show what i'm feeling for ya So come through So come through come through Come through come through Come through come through So come through come through I've bin waiting for ya I wanna get to know ya Do what were supposed to do  

Love Home Swap
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Love Home Swap - the world's largest travel club for homeowners - is inviting you to create an educational and inspirational film for their new brand campaign. The video will need to educate consumers about the exciting world of home swapping, highlight all the benefits that Love Home Swap offers to consumers, and ultimately drive traffic and subscriptions to the Love Home Swap website. EDUCATE & INSPIRE! Go to the Assets tab to download the full brief Love Home Swap is looking for films between 1 and 2 minutes in length (with additional edits between 6” and 30”) for various social media platforms, which will form part of a paid media campaign in February 2015. Read on below and check the site for more information on Love Home Swap: Budget and Deliverables: The selected director will be paid $10,000 to produce the main film, and the cut down versions for different platforms. Films to be delivered must include: - 1-2 min main video - 30” Version - 15” Instagram - 6” Vine Key Mandatories: - Your videos will need to be no longer than 2 minutes but you’re welcome to make shorter videos. - Branded 5” start & end frames will be supplied to be added to the videos after the project is complete so your videos shouldn’t contain these. - If your video uses a voiceover it will need to be in English. Music: Please note that no audio is being provided so the budget will need to cover licensing of appropriate music for commercial use. Go to the Assets tab to download the full brief  

GREAT Britain
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We are looking for 3 videos for our Love is GREAT Britain (LIGB) campaign, which aims to encourage lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) travellers to visit Great Britain. One of the videos will be used as the main campaign video and supported by paid media across social media and online in the US and Germany, starting in late February. The $20,000 budget will be split across the 3 videos - we may select one director to make all 3 videos with the full $20,000 or choose different directors based on your ideas, potentially $10,000 for the main video and $5,000 each for the other two videos. Our LGBT traveller tends to stick to cities and they are quite London centric, so we want videos that encourage them to get out and explore more of what Great Britain has to offer. The video should feature LGBT friendly locations and experiences around Great Britain and cannot just focus on London. Regional cities should be featured as well as accessible countryside locations that can be reached from a key gay hub. Key locations you may choose to feature include: - Manchester - Edinburgh - Glasgow - Brighton - Liverpool - London - Road trips from key regional cities – Oxford, Cambridge, Lake District, Peak District - Areas of outstanding natural beauty – Pembrokeshire Coast in Wales, Cotswolds (easily accessible from London), Cornwall The types of experiences/locations we would like to pull out through the video are; - The warmth of welcome – the characters you meet on the gay scene in Britain - Afternoon Tea – the British tradition - Trendy Restaurants/Dynamic food scene in Britain – we need to dispel the myth that British food is just fish and chips. - Pub scene – cosy traditional pubs (not just gay scene) - Luxury – dining, shopping, theatre etc. - Vibrant city life - diverse mixing of cultures – music, food, style - Art – attractions, museums - Theatre – epic (Festivals) and intimate (gig’s, theatre pubs) - Countryside – rural chic – where city meets Country – Peak District, Lakes District, Cotswolds. The fashionable countryside experience NOTE: We are not looking for videos that cover every location or experience. We want videos which represent a consumer's actual holiday, such as: - Manchester and the Peak District - Glasgow and the highlands - London and Brighton - London and the Cotswolds The videos need to be around 2 to 3 minutes in length and we will need multiple versions of the final video including 15" and 30" cut downs, key image stills, a list of the locations featured, names of any local well-known talent featured.We want to overturn people’s preconceptions of ‘staid Britain’ and inject a greater promise of relaxation, that there is a lot to see and do and that they will receive a warm welcome. Our choice of language and imagery can allude to the warm, quirky British sense of humour we are so well known for. WHAT DO WE WANT PEOPLE TO… THINK: That no trip to Great Britain would be complete without exploring lesser known and undiscovered Britain. Doing this kind of trip will give me social cache with my peers. FEEL: Like they’re more in the know about how to experience Britain. Feel kudos from being the first amongst their group to have these unique experiences on a lesser trodden pathways DO: Set aside time in their trip to get out and explore regional Britain for overnight stays. Start planning and talking to friends and then chronicle and share their journey through photos / video / check ins across their social footprint If your video features talent they should be aimed at a LGBT audience. We are not interested in shiny, beautiful models - real people will resonate better with this market. We are keen to showcase romance, fun, quirky and surprising so this should inform your talent selection (if you think talent is required). The primary messages the video should convey are: - Humour - Warmth - Characters of the key cities and areas - New places to visit and experience - Safety of discovering new places outside of London Unlike the Sounds of GREAT Britain campaign, LIGB is much more niche therefore the films can: - Be more risqué - Be bold in nature - Be humourous - Feature famous local talent and characters 

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