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Australian based filmmakers: BRUT is looking to develop a TVC to show how BRUT gives men the confidence to do what they do best, and do it better than anyone else. This could be achievements by individuals or groups based on their skill, courage or even pure strength. Importantly, the ad must make an emotional connection with our target by showing off these amazing feats through dramatic footage that captures attention. The concept should explore the amazing skills, expertise or abilities but must anchor back to BRUT being the enabler of confidence and how BRUT makes them feel confident, which allows them to achieve and do incredible feats. Extra footage from each shoot will be required to extend long form versions of each video for online channels.The communication must continue the BRUT - Back Yourself creative platform (reference attached to the brief) and clearly communicate that Brut gives you confidence. Key elements include : • Brut gives me confidence to do what I do best • Brut let’s me do what I want to do • Brut let’s me be who I want to be • Brut makes me feel great The ad must make an emotional connection with the target, with a grittier, more ‘urban/street’ feel, to help build a more modern masculine Brut brand perception. The execution should not feel too polished – it must be edgy & contemporary in tone and execution. USP: Brut gives me confidence • The Back Yourself tagline must be used • Product application shots using green cans / original shower gel / fragrance must be included. • Ensure that the ad has mass masculine appeal • Brut pack range shot • 30” and 15” TVC. However, consider also how these might become long form versions for use online Reference: BRUT "Back Yourself" TVC - use this as reference only, your video does not necessarily need to follow the style or tone of this ad. Please refer to the attached for the full brief  

Timmy Trumpet & Savage - Freaks
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This is a super high energy dance track from one of Australia's most exciting DJ/Producers "Timmy Trumpet." The original instrumental version has been around for a while and cemented itself as a dancefloor staple in Australia. This new vocal version features the well-known New Zealand hip hop artist SAVAGE (known for his hit "Swing") - and with the added vocal this track is now becoming a huge radio hit in Australia. We have Timmy on tour in the US from the start of September and with just one window to film him in LA with Savage to create a music video for this track; FILMING DAYS AVAILABLE: SEPT 6TH - 11TH THIS VIDEO MUST PROMINENTLY FEATURE TIMMY TRUMPET AND SAVAGE MUST INCLUDE PERFORMANCE FROM BOTH ARTISTS! THE AIM IS TO BUILD THEIR PROFILE & CELEBRITY The execution must be young, edgy, fun and have a LOAD of energy to reflect the feel of the song. If we can't come up with a solution for a creative treatment, we would also consider sending a couple of cameras on the road with Timmy and Savage and film them on tour bus, around LA and other cities as well as performing in clubs. We only have limited windows in September to do this filming! Savage is a BIG guy in every sense - physically and in personality - we should play up to this . Timmy is a true showman and performer - we would love to include him DJing and playing his trumpet somewhere in the video . FILMING DAYS AVAILABLE: SEPT 6TH - 11TH PLEASE NO CLICHES! Whilst the song is called "Freaks" - we don't want to see Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video please! Nothing that will cheapen the look of the clip as we know the budget is already tight. Steering away from super serious concepts, this should be a high energy video. The edit should match the energy of the song - prefer no slow-motion, no 'dark' or moody themes. We would love to see a great idea come to life - whether that is through finding an existing viral talent (a dancer? a contortionist? a competitive eater?) - someone who already creates highly watchable content and we build a story around them.... we would be interested in that! Also open to any and all original ideas - execution can be simple, as long as the idea is strong and creates a really engaging video. 

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This brief is for a global Movember video that teaches those that have just signed up how to get the most out of Movember . This video will be used for several different countries, and the audio will be translated (by Movember) into 15 different languages (more info about translating below and in the full brief document on the assets tab above ). Also check the Movember USA brief currently live (which is also open to filmmakers globally)! The primary goal of this brief is to educate people to sign up on and explain the next steps of participation in Movember once you’ve registered. The secondary goal is to move the community’s participation to the next level. Inspire Mo’s (signed-up participant that will grow a Mo to raise funds) to get other people involved, so they can also fundraise or grow just a moustache. In the long term Movember wants this video to encourage fuller engagement in the Mo community that lead to re-participation in 2015. There should be a trickle-down effect of this, with Mo Bros and Mo Sistas passing on correct knowledge to the wider community. This video is not just for 2014, it will be used for the next few years as well. We want people to feel good and excited about Movember participation and doing it right. Some feelings the videos should evoke : - Fun - Doing good charitable work - Easy & accessible - Legitimate (safe & secure website) - Movember is bigger than themselves, feeling part of a global movement - There is a specific “correct” way you participate Selected treatment will be accessible and friendly, not intimidating. There will be simple, clear, strong calls to action. - The video will be used on the Movember website, in social media and promoted to participants via email. - The video should not be longer than 2 minutes. - Movember will provide the opening and closing cards (frames), they well also provide the logo. - The video can be filmed footage or animation, incorporating music, supers or voice-overs, etc. Important: Video cannot contain any spoken-to-camera content, as this can not be translated easily. - If the selected filmmaker used voice-over audio or text in their idea, they will complete their final English video, and then receive (from Movember) audio tracks (or translations of text) in 15 languages (to the same length / script of the English video), so that the audio/text can be swapped out and 15 language version videos created. Filmmaker’s responsibility is to create 1 English version , and then swap any audio/text 15 times for the various languages. Movember’s responsibility is to create 15 audio files or text translations based on the script and timing of the filmmaker’s original English version, and provide those to the filmmaker. - If using music, filmmakers will have to use royalty free music that is ok for perpetual, global, commercial use without any fees, and provide the licence to show this.  

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