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The Brand New Heavies - Sweet Freeek
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Hi. We have a new vocalist and a new album and this is the 1st Single. We have a few ideas listed below, but not sure what's possible re budget. Perhaps you should listen to the track and get some of your own ideas before reading the below. There's quite a lot of info. There are 4 members of the band. Dawn is great looking and should be showcased somewhat. Have a look at these to see her and us .... 1: Super Normals You see the Heavies dressed like on the album sleeve, but doing really normal things: buying fish and chips, getting on a bus, playing arcade games, sitting in an empty old mans Pub (playing darts). All things kind of boring and untrendy, but dressed like we are below. (Or even in other crazy outfits too.) We help old ladies across the road and reject trendy people and their offers, but can't eventually resist as night falls to go into a sleazier scene of Funk n Disco Dives, Boogying and High Fiving all the Creatures of the Night. Sweet ! Storyline to be expanded obviously. This would also be a way to show various London landmarks giving a London identity to the band which could be interesting for viewers internationally. Good for showing a wide demographic too. Especially steampunks : ~ ) 2: Darts Have a look here... If these folks aren't Sweet Freaks ! : ~ ))) Dawn is a keen Darts enthusiast ! We see each member of the band, Dawn and the 3 guys, getting ready. There are posters on Dawns wall of darts stars. they are all on the move somewhere....Dawn gets past the doormen easily, but the guys get turned away. Dawn is inside playing Darts against the craziest looking dudes. Slow motion shots, hand helds, dolly birds, funny faces, but no~one is hitting the Bulls Eye ..... Then .... the big throw from Dawn..... She aims ... She throws..... the dart travels through the air..... BULLSEYE ! And KaboOM the wall somehow opens because of this hit and behind it is the band on a small stage (separate venue shoot wise probably) and loads of people dancing and enjoying (a chance to show another demographic ~ Young Old Black White Male Female + Sexy dancing ) She joins the band..... The Darts players get down... all is well... Until from a cloud of smoke a giant darts player dude appears semi silhouetted, holding the Dart Of Doom ! The End . This is a basic idea that needs developing and made to fit with the lyrics and time out properly. 3: Four Suits I have 4 similar suits ~ One for each of the band. But what lies beneath ? We could do a kind of studio set up, using silhouettes n stuff. Clothing reveals to this kind of look for Dawn. Note the zoom into face for change of costume. And this much skin with Dawns sex appeal could get some votes (Maintaining the integrity Kate has of course). Quite similar to Bombay video....This could be quite cheap to make. But needs to include more demographics and perhaps some dancers/routine for the kids. Perhaps some outdoors footage. (Including silhouetted darts throwing ! ). All these ideas are open to interpretation and liaison entirely. We're very up for collaborating creating together too. Really love Die Antwoords videos too ! A video that is ever changing and not just editing back and forth between 2 scenes, like Pulp Fiction, movies within Movies kind of thing, or different and atmospheres. Showing demographics. Live performance element. (Our show and Live work is the centre of our thing.) Sexy. Fashion. Serious. Funny pacey and youthful feeling. 

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