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Kopparberg has real Swedish provenance. The product is still made and imported from the sleepy Swedish town of Kopparberg. This is something that Kopparberg wants to start cementing more in the minds of UK consumers. Brand provenance is something that is important within the category and something few competitor brands can profess to have. We want to produce video content that communicates this provenance. We need to tap in and bring to life Sweden in a way that engages our audience and, ideally, provides a role for the product. Whether it be the brewery, the town of Kopparberg or Swedish culture and people, we want drinkers to connect Kopparberg with real Sweden. The content has to be inherently and coolly Swedish and cement the fact that this is where Kopparberg is from. Therefore we are looking for things like Swedish culture, Swedish music, Swedish lifestyle, Swedish influences to come out through the content. The brief is open to directors globally but you will need to demonstrate a knowledge, experience and understanding of the country and its (counter) culture. Kopparberg have a bigger advertising campaign running and this is an important social/digital element of this summer 2015 campaign. We want multiple pieces of content for our social community that will run across the summer. Primarily it is the part of the plan that looks to go beyond push advertising. It is the layer that looks to connect with audiences (particularly with those in their social communities). The paid media support we put behind the content should also help to bring in more followers to Kopparbergs growing social communities. Be mindful of UK alcohol advertising restrictions. We cannot feature content that features people that appear to be or are under 25 years of age. We cannot stipulate that alcohol enhances your experiences or makes you more successful with the other sex. Download the full brief (PDF) . Video Deliverables The selected director will need to provide the following pieces of content in the formats described below to use across a variety of media platforms in the UK. Your pitch should clearly describe your ideas for the Primary videos. Primary - 1 x 2-3 minute film to be used online - 2 x 20 second videos (these can be cut downs of the hero film or stand alone pieces) to run on Video on Demand and within Digital display formats Secondary - cut down versions of the Primary content - 2 x 10 second versions with no sound for OOH - 2 x 6" Vines Note: there will be a few different versions required for specific OOH locations that have different specs. You will need to prepare these different versions as part of the deliverables. Most of these will be portrait and full motion but please Download the full brief for the exact specifications and locations. 3 key words that the brand always has in their mind Scandinavian, Edgy, On-trend. Through advertising, Jack Daniels has successfully cemented its link with Lynchburg, a Tennessee town in the US. We want to do it in a way that will motivate and appeal to our 18-34 audience and will reflect Kopparbergs background and tone of voice. As a fruit cider, Kopparbergs proposition is about premium fruit refreshment. Therefore (vs. the way Jack Daniels talk about provenance) the tone should be more quirky, colourful, upbeat, aspirational, slightly counter-cultural and more edgy. Kopparbergs ATL advertising (see below) is always looking to communicate the edgy tone through the idea of happens here or the forest. The forest is on the hill above the brewery in the town of Kopparberg, and the happenings within it, are Kopparbergs way of differentiating their provenance story so that it doesn't just become the Swedish Jack Daniels. This doesnt mean the town or brewery cant feature, but the main focus should be the Kopparberg forest. The best stylistic reference is Kopparbergs advertising. As the actual brewery is a fairly unremarkable place, the advertising has historically focused on the large, mysterious forest on the hill outside the town. The forest has been used as a platform for brand and product advertising and even brand events (the Urban Forest in Dalston last Summer). The accompanying ad end line is happens here and alludes to the unusual and magical (as opposed to dark or sinister) goings on in the forest think more impromptu Summer festival in a forest clearing than The Evil Dead! Visual References Below is some of our advertising to provide direction (and other advertising that should be used as stimulus). Previous Kopparberg 20 TV ad in the forest: Last years ATL product advert (print and Outdoor): !( !( !( !( !( An interesting Scandinavian, alternative, rural feel comes across well in this recent, domestic Volvo campaign:  

HP - Bend The Rules
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For the past 12 months, HP has been supporting the next generation of Australian talent across music, gaming, fashion and entrepreneurialism, for their Bend The Rules campaign. Now the search turns to film as we launch the next phase to discover the next big thing in Australian filmmaking with this short film competition on Genero. Pitch your short film idea around the theme Bend The Rules. 5 Australian directors will be selected to go ahead and make their films, and will receive AU$3,000 and HPs brand new Spectre x360 Convertible laptop a stunning, ultra-slim convertible PC with a 360 hinge. Those 5 completed short films will then be judged and also voted on by the public. The judges selection will receive AU$8,000 and an additional Spectre x360 Convertible laptop and the audience winner will receive AU$2,000 and a Spectre x360 Convertible laptop. HP are looking for as much creativity as possible in the Bend The Rules short films they need to be engaging and entertaining stories, told well. They should be arthouse/independent in style and tone but not too niche. Your pitch should have as much detail as possible around your idea to give you the best chance of being selected as one of the 5 finalist directors. Your pitch will be reviewed alongside examples of your previous work. MANDATORIES Please note the following mandatories for the final films: - You must be an Australian resident or citizen to take part, but can film worldwide - Films must be between 2-4 minutes in duration - Films must be original, never previously seen by a public audience and must be specifically made for HP/Genero. - At least 7 seconds of product placement of the new Spectre x360 Convertible laptop (which you will receive) this should be subtle and natural, and does not need to be all in a single scene - Cannot be graphically violent, sexually explicit or depict unlawful behaviour - Cannot feature any competitor products devices like laptops, printers, tablets, iPhones etc - Windows/Android mobile phones are OK (no iOS), but the brand must not be shown and must not be a focal point of the film KEY DATES - Upload your treatments by 15th March - 5 directors selected and notified by 17th March - Short films uploaded by 6th April - Judging and Audience voting 9th April to 11th May - Winner announced on 12th May 

Visit Britain
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Visit Britain is commissioning 2 directors to make one video each showcasing locations and experiences (see list below) that the visitor can engage with in the South West of England. Each selected director will be paid $11,500 to make their videos. If you have two ideas pitch them both, and one director may be commissioned to make both videos. The videos should be no longer than 3 minutes, will need to be shot from a 1st person immersive perspective and will be a continuation of the Show me Britain series: Pitch your treatments by 11th March and final videos will need to be delivered by 27th March. Locations: - Devon - Cornwall - Somerset - Dorset - Isles of Scilly Experiences: The types of experiences/locations we would like to pull out through individual videos but by no means definitive are - Dramatic, beautiful, iconic sights beautiful coastal rock forms, high cliffs, sea views, historic villages and picturesque fishing towns (eg Brixham, South Devon or St Michaels Mount, Cornwall) - Sandy secluded beaches, both from above/distance and from on the beach looking out to sea - National Parks Green rolling landscapes, woodlands, spring flowers traditional English countryside (eg Exmoor Dunster, Dartmoor Lustleigh, and Devon) - Cosy tea rooms, cream teas (eg Tea Rooms in Dunster on northern edge of Exmoor) - Luxurious hotels, sumptuous rooms offering views from windows out onto beautiful landscapes, stepping out of doors into bustling/old fashioned streets, looking out onto sea or beach welcoming staff. (eg The Scarlet, Mawgan Porth, Cornwall where you can have a cliff top seaweed hot tub overlooking the cliffs and beach or Hell Bay Hotel in Isles of Scilly where you can Swim with Seals) - Luxurious traditional, or very modern restaurants high end (eg Outlaws Fish Kitchen, Port Isaac, Cornwall - Lavish gardens with lots of character, colour (eg Heligan or Trebah in Cornwall amp Rosemoor in North Devon owned by the RHS) - Stately homes and estates/grounds (eg Greenway: - Holiday Home of Agatha Christie which has beautiful grounds down to the River Dart and described as Agatha Christie as the loveliest place in the world and the film location for the last Poirot series to be shown on BBC later this year. Or Hartland Abbey (North Devon) location for filming of Sense amp Sensibility - Culture- eg Minack Theatre - Softer Outdoors activity- walking, hiking, surfing - Luxury experiences eg driving in vintage cars, hot air balloon journeys (eg Lyme Bay RIB Charter, Bridport, Dorset - Traditional pubs open fires, cosy, old fashioned, smugglers legends etc (eg Acorn Inn, Evershot, Dorset or The Pony amp Trap, Chew Magna, Somerset or The Queens Arms, Corton Denham, Somerset (the South West is famous for some truly GREAT pubs!) - Lively, but welcoming bustle, live music, locals, sense of welcome (eg Eden Project or Glastonbury in Someset (the worlds biggest music festival) Key Mandatories Your videos will need to be no longer than 3 minutes but youre welcome to make shorter videos. We will also need multiple versions of the final video including 15" and 30" cut downs. Branded end frames will be added to the selected videos after the project is complete so your videos shouldnt contain these. If your video uses a voiceover it will need to be in English. Specific locations will need to be labelled on screen (see reference vids below), with annotations will be attached to these labels so the user can click the label and be taken to more information on any given location. The location labels need to be in the colour of the category on the LoveWall the location fits into. See category colours here Music Please note that no audio is being provided. Any music you use should be your own original music, or you must have the license to use the audio commercially (like public domain music, for example) using the budget provided. has some helpful information about commercial licensing music for video. The GREAT Britain brand aims to get the world thinking and feeling differently about Britain: seeing it as a vibrant, inspiring and innovative place to visit. It communicates quality and a fresh way of talking about Britain, with targeted communications that encourage audiences to respond. GREAT is made up of a number of different elements, which used together, create the brand look and feel. By combining these visual elements, tone of voice, high-quality and iconic imagery with consistent and powerful messaging, we create powerful branded communications. We want to overturn peoples preconceptions of staid Britain and inject a greater sense of surprise by highlighting inspiring locations and experiences that trigger emotional responses. Britain falls down against competitors when it comes to relaxation, warm welcome and range of things to see and do so this should be addressed in all our marketing. Our choice of language should be confident without being arrogant, straightforward but engaging, purposeful for the target audience explaining how they will benefit and informative. Our language and imagery should allude to the warm, quirky British sense of humour we are so well known for. WHAT DO WE WANT PEOPLE TO THINK: I CAN FIND MORE THAN JUST HISTORICAL ATTRACTIONS, FAMOUS PLACES AND MUSEUMS IN BRITAIN. I CAN FIND ALL OF THIS AND ALSO RELAX AND HAVE A FUN HOLIDAY FEEL: LIKE THEYRE MORE IN THE KNOW ABOUT HOW TO EXPERIENCE THE BEST THAT BRITAIN HAS TO OFFER INSPIRED BY WHAT THEY SEE AND LIKE THEY WANT TO BE THERE DO: ENGAGE WITH OUR CONTENT AND SOCIAL COMMUNITIES TO GAIN MORE DETAILED KNOWLEDGE AND FURTHER INSPIRATION TO VISIT BRITAIN. START PLANNING, TALKING TO THEIR TRAVEL AGENT AND FRIENDS. SET ASIDE TIME IN THEIR TRIP TO GET OUT AND EXPLORE SOME OF THE UK  

SpectraSoul - Shelter
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Shelter is the second single taken from SpectraSouls second album The Mistress. The electronic track features a vocal by Lily McKenzie. The album and single have a very strong visual identity and the video should aim to complement, not replicate it. What we want it to do: Represent the track in an unconventional way. Create a video that is more artistic and heavy on concept, but in-keeping with the musicality/feel of the track. Alternate and abstract locations Very stylised/ stylish Break conventional music video paradigm Video becomes a talking point itself. What we dont want it to do: Become a generic drum and bass/ dance music video Have a linear narrative Inspirations/ references These are examples of videos that we like. This should give you an overall feel of the finish/ style/ conceptual nature that we are trying to achieve. - Banks - This is What it feels like - Adria - Pull Me Under - Kwabs - Perfect Ruin - Ben Khan - Youth - Flying Lotus - Never Catch Me - FKA Twigs - Papi Pacify Use of Colour Would be great to use colour in a creative way, not set on a full black and white video. Clever use of colour be it fabric, lighting or post-production techniques. Lace colours from the artwork into the video in a subtle way. Suggestive rather than obvious. Filming techniques - Stylish - unusual camera shots, strange and weird cropping - Heavy on concept, simple concept that is visually powerful and engaging - Use of shadow and silhouette - Using light to animate the mundane. - Massive Attack - Lily McKenzie: Lily will feature in the video - Subtle inclusion, limited lip synch, singing to camera etc Not direct inclusion - distortion etc... Narrative We want to avoid having a formulaic narrative. Non-linear, start at the end of the story or a similar technique .  

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