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Pablo Desanzo 5 months ago

hi there! is it possible that new lyrics were posted on moby´s project?

PianoCrys 8 months ago

Hello Genero, I submitted an Afrojack-Raybomb video and I don't see it on the project page. I uploaded it yesterday but I uploaded a better copy today, does this mean my video will only be seen after deadline? I just want to make sure I did everything right! Thanks for your time ,Sergio!!

letfelicityflyy 1 year ago

Hi Genero, like christyalawson I also submitted a video for Owl City a couple of days ago, and have not yet received an e-mail or seen my video on the project page, even though lots of others have appeared during the time I've been waiting! I understand it's been busy as it's the last day of the project, but I'm worried I'll miss the deadline or that you might not have got my submission. Please let me know!

christyalawson 1 year ago

Genero, How long does it take to get a video submitted, reviewed and live? We submitted a video for Owl City two days ago, and are anxiously awaiting reply. Thanks....

Niño Jesús 1 year ago

isn't there an extension for the project of Dead Can Dance?

Genero 1 year ago

Hi Niño - no there's no extension. Did you read somewhere that there was?

ElevenEleven22 1 year ago

Hi, When was this about Release forms on? I have literally just seen it now, I will get the signs ASAP

ElevenEleven22 1 year ago

This is a really cool playground!

ladyjane12 1 year ago

i am having trouble viewing the videos that were uploaded for the othlives contest.

ladyjane12 2 years ago

hey there. i reaaly want to enter thvideo contest and have a question. Does the video have to be in color or can it be black and white? Thank you so much. Erica:)

Genero 2 years ago

Black and White is fine...make sure you check out the FAQs on videos before you get started: Have fun!

Beaver and beaver 2 years ago

thank you Genero !

Genero 2 years ago

Thank YOU!

MattimationStudios 2 years ago

When are you going to announce the winner of Ringo's competition??

Genero 2 years ago

We don't have a firm date yet because we're waiting for Ringo to decide. Hopefully won't be too long!

MattimationStudios 2 years ago

Thanks a lot!

temek 2 years ago

love Genero!

Genero 2 years ago

We love you too! :)

DaF 2 years ago

Hi Genero, what about the Aimee Allen finalist? Thanks for your answer.

Maxì Dejoie 3 years ago

hey what about Alex Clare's finalists?

Genero 3 years ago

Hi Maxi, they are being announced right now!

Aleksey Khruslov 3 years ago

Unbelievable choice. I thought Martin Cambier is a winner, he is not even in the list.

blueblack 3 years ago

The Royksopp entries are unbelievable!

Matt Phantom 3 years ago

Yes it's great to see a new influx of really clever film makers. It's making Genero better and better.

Genero 3 years ago

Thanks guys, we are extremely proud of all our talented community!

Maestro 3 years ago

Glad I didn't have to choose those winners! Was great to see the feedback to get an understanding of the selection process so hope that continues

Xanaé bove 3 years ago

There are no winners and losers : " I've always been the right person at the wrong place or the wrong person at the right place" Andy Warhol.
I regret I wasn't selected as a finalist. I'm used to be out-of-competition- but if I may say so, I met amazing people and videos out there. So, it ws worth doing it
PS: I'm still (madly, deeply) look for Mr. Lynch to see my film, though

Xanaé bove 3 years ago

You can check out my TOP 15

temek 3 years ago

This opportunity u gave all of us Lynce's lovers is amazing, my stomach hurts from excitement

temek 3 years ago

I meant Lynch :)

Genero 3 years ago

Thanks Temek. Good luck!

Dethroner 3 years ago

The best thing that can happen to this site is the David Lynch competition and I'm glad to have stumbled upon this "fourth place" for this reason. Good luck on this and all future projects!



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Genero Hi there! Could you send us an email with some more information? :) 28 days ago

Genero That's fine! 28 days ago

Genero Hi Jess, that should be fine! Looking forward to seeing your entry. Thanks! 1 month ago

Ellie Goulding Ellie Goulding
Dead In The Water
By Maria Raptaki

Genero Hi Serril, due to the interactive nature of the Ellie Goulding videos, the Interlude player is a Flash player. You'll... 1 month ago

Genero Hi Bart, Yep, as long as it's government issued then you're good to go! Looking forward to your entry! 1 month ago

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Genero Hi Nino, just following up on this. Unfortunately it looks like artist logos/images can not be used for this project.... 1 month ago